You Should Be Serving Eggs Benedict On Waffles

Eggs Benedict is perhaps the most luxurious breakfast dish ever created. A perfectly toasted English muffin, Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and a dreamy hollandaise sauce combine in a decadent dish that may intimidate home cooks, though perfecting the recipe relies on mastering relatively straightforward techniques.

A feature of fancy brunches ordered out — perhaps because we're terrified of making hollandaise sauce — eggs Benedict is a relatively simple dish when you break it down, which makes it ideal for practically infinite variations. You could swap Canadian bacon for a salty, flavorful country ham. Creative cooks can play with ingredients in the hollandaise, adding some browned butter to deepen the flavor, or a little miso to satisfy your umami cravings.

Adding a sprinkle of creative toppings can freshen up the color and flavor of eggs Benedict — a sprinkle of fresh chives, some gorgeous pink pickled onions, or even a scatter of arugula on the plate can add a vibrant hue and flavor to the dish. But what can you do with that English muffin?

Let's talk about the bottom layer of eggs Benedict

The English muffin is certainly no slouch in eggs Benedict. It's a sturdy foundation for the rich dish, but waffles can take your next brunch to the next level. Waffles bring just a hint of sweetness to the table, which works as a delectable foil for the super-savory Canadian bacon, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce.

Now, we're not talking about pulling a waffle from the freezer and toasting it. A properly made homemade waffle, though, can be a revelation. Especially if you use our tip for getting super fluffy waffles (hint: it's using seltzer water), building your eggs Benedict atop a waffle lets you introduce beautiful flavor without adding weight to the dish. A buttermilk waffle can also add a touch of tanginess that makes eggs Benedict the highlight of the meal.

So go on! Fry up the Canadian bacon. Swirl that water and perfectly poach that egg. Whisk your hollandaise like your life depends on it, and layer it all on a golden-brown, lightly sweet waffle. That's brunch nirvana.