Topo Chico's New Canned Cocktails Come In 3 Citrusy Flavors

For those who love a good cocktail but are intimidated by the process of crafting their own, the ready-to-drink cocktail craze is a godsend. Increasingly, companies are looking to cash in and bring the bar drinking experience to the home kitchen. One such brand is Topo Chico, which is jumping on the RTD bandwagon with a citrus and hard liquor line punctuated by its classic sparkling water. 

Going above and beyond its typical hard seltzer, a recent press release has announced a new Topo Chico Spirited line, ready-to-drink cocktails that are all about bringing the craft cocktail to the backyard barbecue — no shakers required. As marketing Vice President Jay Ghosh put it, "Topo Chico Spirited is a bar-quality cocktail inspired by bartenders across America whose mixer of choice is already Topo Chico Mineral Water." So what three cocktails made the cut for Topo Chico Spirited? We'll give you a hint: they all pack a bright, citrusy punch. 

A batch of zesty cocktails on demand

First up is the ode to the ranch water cocktail, the Topo Chico Spirited Tequila & Lime. A classic Texas tipple, Topo Chico has sold a seltzer version of ranch water for a while now, so this is a natural segue into the cocktail world. The next, taking its formula from the beloved Paloma cocktail, is the Tequila & Grapefruit. However, instead of using the Italian Paloma as inspiration, Topo Chico looked to the Mexican Paloma, which promises a slightly more complex flavor with a balanced blend of Blanco tequila, lime, grapefruit, and sparkling water. The third and final Top Chico Spirited offering is the Vodka & Lemon, a take on the Chilton, a Southwest favorite that uses salt, lemon, vodka, and sparkling water as its building blocks. 

All variations are currently being offered in a four-pack of 12-ounce cans. They pack about the same alcoholic punch as a beer, with a 5.9% ABV, and run about 130 to 150 calories per can. The RTD cocktails are currently being sold in select states, with the company recommending customers head to its product locator to see if they can get their hands on its latest fizzy quaff.