The Hack To Make Disappointing Restaurant Butter Packets Easier To Use

Let us set the scene: You're at a restaurant and have just ordered your dinner, though the place is packed and the service is a bit on the slower side. Your stomach emits a low rumble. Fortunately, your server has set down a basket of bread along with some butter to sate your appetite while you wait for your main course. One small caveat: The butter is not presented on an aesthetic butter platter, but instead arrives in sad, foil-wrapped packets.

Luckily, there is a handy hack to get the butter out efficiently. The only two tools you'll need are a fork and your nimble hands. You'll take the fork and use the points to pierce holes into the small foil-wrapped butter packet to force the buttery goodness out easily. However, butter packets often arrive on a table rock-hard from being stored in the refrigerator. For this hack to work, you'll need to first soften up the butter a bit.

Fork your butter packet for better spreadability

If you don't have time for the butter to soften on its own, you can try to warm the packet up in your hands and blow warm air on it for a few seconds. Once your butter is pre-warmed, you can take the packet with your hands to fold it in half lengthwise. The small holes that the points of a fork have created in the foil serve as small exits for the butter, and the additional heat from your fingers combined with the force and heat friction from going through the holes will soften the butter quickly without mess. The result: Strings of butter that will fall out onto your bread that is easily spreadable, allowing you to enjoy a finely buttered bread roll before your dinner.

This hack would work equally well on airplanes, especially when you're given both a cold butter packet and a cold piece of bread. Need a visual? Check out this TikTok tutorial that's almost as satisfying to watch as bread and butter is to eat on an empty stomach.


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