Alex Guarnaschelli's Tip For Serving Bread And Butter

Bread and butter is the epitome of simplicity. Whether it be at a restaurant or at home, not much goes into serving the two. Typically the bread is placed in a basket while a butter dish sits beside it with a knife. But despite this understated presentation, the classic combination of bread and butter is enough to keep people reaching for more.

A concept popularized by TikTok, on the other hand, offers a much more elaborate way to serve bread and butter. To prepare what's called a butter board, softened butter is spread over a charcuterie board and is then seasoned with different herbs and spices, from edible flowers to roasted garlic, much like a charcuterie board. The bread is then used to mop up the butter without the use of a knife. 

There's no denying that butter boards are a visually appealing way to enjoy butter. But celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli believes there's a simpler and much more satisfying way to serve it.

Alex Guarnaschelli adds two extra ingredients to her butter

Rather than transform a stick of butter into a butter board or serve it plain, Alex Guarnaschelli does something a bit different. According to a post she shared on Instagram, she instead places her butter on a platter, and sprinkles it with sea salt and pepper. With a knife alongside it, she then serves it with a loaf of bread. "So good that people think you cooked all day," Guarnaschelli wrote in her caption. Though she specified unsalted butter in her post, Guarnaschelli later clarified in one of the comments that she sometimes uses salted butter.

The tip may be new to her Instagram fans, but as it turns out, Guarnaschelli has been serving butter in this way for many years now. In an episode of her cooking show "Alex's Day Off," via Food Network, she shared that it's a staple in her homemade brunch. 

Apparently it's just as delicious now as it was back then.