The Spicy Freezer Snack You Should Add To Grilled Cheese

We know the flavors of jalapeños and cheese are a match made in heaven — and perhaps the best way to combine these two ingredients is in a rich, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. But why spend your time seeding and chopping fresh veggies when you could use entire frozen jalapeño poppers? This addition may sound a little wild at first, but hear us out: Jalapeño poppers are already chock-full of ingredients we love to use to amp up our grilled cheeses — think jalapeño, cream cheese, or cheddar, and a crunchy breading. When you layer these snacks inside your grilled cheese, you get more of the good stuff — extra cheesiness, creaminess, crispiness, heat, and flavor.

Not only does the jalapeño popper addition make your sandwich that much more delicious, but it's also pretty simple to incorporate. So if you want to experiment with adding this frozen snack to create a next-level sandwich, here's how to do it.

Turn up the heat with frozen jalapeño poppers

Before you get started on grilled cheese-making, you're going to want to cook your jalapeño poppers according to package instructions, since they may not have enough time to fully cook if they go into your sandwich frozen. Afterward, cut your poppers crosswise so they can fit onto your bread slices — and so a little of the cheesy filling can seep out onto the bread.

When you're making your grilled cheese, sharp cheddar slices are an ideal option — they'll either add to the flavor of cheddar-stuffed poppers or balance out the richness of cream cheese-stuffed ones. Or, if you can take the heat, try throwing in spicy slices like pepper jack, chipotle gouda, or habanero cheddar. And if you just want a mild, quick-melting option, go for mozzarella or American.

You're going to want to fully build your sandwich before cooking, so layer your cheese and jalapeño poppers in between your bread slices (bonus points if you use a jalapeño cheddar loaf) before placing everything in a skillet. Make sure to spread butter or mayo on the outside of the bread and feel free to add cheese before and after layering the poppers. This is also the time to add in any extra complimentary ingredients like chorizo and bacon, or seasonings like garlic and onion powder. 

Once you've cooked your sandwich for a few minutes on each side, you'll have layers of crispy, creamy, spicy goodness.