Why Gordon Ramsay Adds An Egg Yolk To Burger Patty Meat

While more and more people are turning to beef alternatives, whipping up a burger made from black beans, turkey, chicken, or even lamb still doesn't quite compare to a classic, beefy smash burger for the average meat-lover or burger connoisseur. In fact, when Top Chef's Gordon Ramsay was asked on a Reddit post what the five dishes everyone should know how to cook are, the first thing he mentioned was a really good burger, explaining that it's a favorite for many and that achieving the perfect blend of meat is crucial. And he's right; when biting into this type of delicious sandwich, the first thing you'll probably notice is the meat. Whether it be the texture, flavor, or both — beef is the main ingredient and it needs the most love. 

So to prepare for grilling season, it might be time to give your burger recipe a second look. If you're only preparing your beef patties with seasonings before it hits the grill, it's time to listen to Ramsay's advice and take it up a notch with another protein source: the incredible, edible egg — or egg yolk to be precise.

Egg yolk acts as a binder and adds flavor

In a YouTube video demonstrating his top 10 tips for the perfect burger, Ramsay separates an egg and kneads the yolk into his raw beef mixture. After forming it into a patty, he explains that the egg actually helps bind the meat together, and adds an incredibly rich flavor to the burger patty. As a good rule of thumb, it's best to add one yolk per pound of ground beef.

While this rule may seem more like a recipe for meatloaf compared to a fresh-off-the-grill burger, a whole egg is required in meatloaf, whereas only the egg yolk is best when blending into burger patties. This is due to the fact that egg whites and egg yolks do completely opposite jobs when in contact with beef. Egg whites can actually draw out the moisture in ground beef, whereas egg yolks retain the meat's juices. So, next time you're thinking about tossing the whole egg into your mix, remember that it can drastically change the flavor and texture of your grilled patty. So separate an egg or two and use the yolk to help you achieve flavorful, juicy, well-formed burger patties.