The Whole Foods Seafood Freebie You Should Take Advantage Of

If you know which aisles to peruse while shopping at Whole Foods and can spot particular brands to reach for while pushing your grocery cart through the store, you can make sure your paycheck goes as far as possible during your shopping excursions. From buying foods in bulk to picking up cans of Whole Foods' own 365 label, you can make sure all of your kitchen cupboards are filled without breaking your set grocery budget.

For seafood lovers in particular, the fishmongers at Whole Foods provide an extra helpful service. If you have planned to prepare shrimp linguine alfredo or oven-baked fish fillets for tonight's dinner menu, there's a certain freebie you need not be shy about asking for as you order pieces of halibut and measure out servings of shrimp. The helpful staff standing behind the meat and fish displays are ready to serve. All you need to do is ask.

A shortcut for tonight's dinner

Butchers and fishmongers stationed at certain Whole Foods locations are ready to debone and season your selected proteins before wrapping them for you to take home. Though the exact service can vary from store to store — busier stores may send you off with seasoning in a bag – many store locations will steam, smoke, and flavor your seafood of choice so you can walk out of the store with a pre-seasoned piece of fish to prepare for tonight's supper. From cutting and deboning to peeling shrimp to cracking crabs, the team at Whole Foods is standing by for your order. 

For busy weekday nights, consider this your permission to take a few culinary shortcuts. Instead of assembling your own seasonings at home, choose from Whole Foods' Cajun seasoning, lemon and herb, tequila lime, spicy habanero, Old Bay, and more — all free of charge. Regardless of whether the team steams or smokes your seafood items, you only need to pay for the seafood itself. This culinary hack can help get you out the door and into your home with dinner nearly ready to serve.