Make Easy Potato Wedges With A Kitchen Tool You Might Already Own

Potatoes are the ultimate ingredient to grab when itching for a starchy side, as their versatility allows you to prepare them in several different ways. From mashed and smashed to french fried and roasted, you never grow tired of their many different textures and flavors. However, the preparation it takes to achieve those desired textures can be a bit daunting. For starters, peeling potatoes for mashes, gratins, gnocchi, and soups can be tricky and downright time-consuming. Furthermore, when getting ready to make french fries or roasted potato wedges, it's crucial that all cuts are similar in size so that they cook at the same rate. However, cutting them into perfectly uniform fries or wedges is a bit difficult. If you're a lover of all things potato but are itching to find a simpler, quicker way to prepare these starchy spuds, look no further.

If you've ever used an apple slicer to easily cut your apple into same-size wedges, you're in luck as this can do the same exact thing to prep for your crispy roasted potato wedges.

Slice your potatoes to size

Ditch the chef's knife and grab your apple slicer — it's a wonderful way to reduce prep time and get your spuds in the oven fast. Let's face it, the faster they're cooking, the faster they're table-ready. Simply place the slicer onto the top center of your potato, press down firmly, and voila! This method especially works well with potatoes that are small to medium size. If all you have are large potatoes, simply cut them in half before taking the slicer to them to ensure they fit within the device and slide down with ease. From there, just transfer them to a baking sheet with olive oil and your go-to seasonings and roast until crispy and golden. This technique works great for white potatoes but can also be used on sweet potatoes.

While the circular center is often meant to be tossed — seeing as it's meant for the seeded apple core — this gives you a chance to have some fun. You could throw them into the mix with the other wedges and roast as normal, cut them into coins and sear into little circular nuggets, or soak them overnight and fry into spherical french fries. The world is your oyster.