The Unconventional Way To Make Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mash 'em, smash 'em, or fork hash 'em — if you think you know how to make ultra-creamy mashed potatoes think again. There are many ways to make mashed tubers. If you want ultra-creamy mashed potatoes, Tasty recommends running your boiled potatoes through a potato ricer or smashing them with a potato masher. Simply Side Dishes advocates for the stand-up mixer method, and the Food Network lists a recipe that warrants a food processor.

Whichever mashed potato method you prefer, we doubt you've tried this unconventional way to make ultra-creamy mashed potatoes. Before you get started, select your potato. Good Housekeeping recommends choosing a potato with a high starch content, such as Russet or Yukon Gold. Clean, peel, boil, and drain your potatoes, melt the butter, and pour the cream — this technique is one you'll share with all of your cooking companions. Select the seasonings you plan to add to your tubers and let's get started.

Use a sieve to make creamy mashed potatoes

An Instagram post by Poppy Cooks shares the best and most unconventional way to get ultra-creamy mashed potatoes. This method may seem strange, but the device made Epicurious' list as one of the best utensils for making mashed potatoes.

A sieve, known as a tamis, is an ultra-fine mesh kitchen tool. The Merriam Dictionary says that the gadget separates coarse particles from finer ones. Poppy Cooks claims that the sieve method creates the creamiest mashed tubers in the world. The Instagram post reveals how boiled potatoes are drained and pushed through the minute openings in the sieve with a rubber spatula. The holes are so tiny that the result is ultra-creamy mashed potatoes. Epicurious says the sieve removes every lump and bump from the tubers, creating a dish close to the French pommes purée.

So, next time you decide to whip up a bowl of mashed potatoes, skip the potato masher and go straight for the sieve. Madly Odd says to fold melted butter and heavy cream into the potatoes after sieving for one heavenly side dish.