How Long Before A Party Do You Need To Order A Supermarket Cake?

It's acceptable to forgo the balloons and banners but ditch the cake and suddenly the party lacks that special something. Cake is the one non-negotiable item that every festive gathering or milestone rightfully deserves. However, sometimes the stress of organizing a party can cause you to forget the very thing that makes it feel like a real celebration. Thankfully, supermarket cakes can come to your rescue ... sort of.

The wonderful thing about supermarket cakes is that they are often ready to take home without much notice. In fact, most bakery departments have a variety of simply decorated cakes available in the display case to suit your needs. That said, these treats act mainly as a last-minute option when you're truly in a pinch. For a more tailored torte, that features at least the name and possibly the age of the birthday boy or girl, it's best to place an order for a custom cake a few weeks in advance.

Special ingredients, designs, and flavors take time

Though many retailers might be able to accommodate requests 1 or 2 days prior to the desired pick-up date, the general rule of thumb is that cake orders should be placed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. The more notice that's given, the more security you'll have that your cake is made just the way you would like. But why?

Waiting for certain flavors, an edible print of a cartoon character, or ingredients (particularly if you're requesting a cake that must accommodate dietary restrictions) requires some planning ahead. Additionally, giving adequate notice ensures that cake decorators can accurately execute desired designs, decorations, and even size requests. Plus, placing orders early can also guarantee that your order has priority during busy periods. So, although supermarket cakes are a great option when you're short on time, the bottom line is that placing cake orders sooner rather than later is still the best policy.