Save Strawberry Tops To Infuse Refreshing Spring Beverages

Whenever it comes to making fruit salads and enjoying strawberries, removing the stems and tops are a requirement. However, that sometimes also wastes a significant piece of the juicy and sweet berry — that is until you discover that the tops can get new life when used to create delightfully bright spring beverages such as strawberry-flavored water, a fruity kombucha, or a slightly sweet vodka. 

While the tops of the berries, along with their green leaves and stems, usually get tossed in the trash or sent to the compost pile, they are safe to eat and contain vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Simply collect the tops and store them until ready to use by keeping them in a storage container in the fridge. Or, for a further-down-the-road recipe, they can be kept in the freezer for several months. 

By infusing beverages with the tops of strawberries, their flavor is elevated, and sipping one makes any day feel special. While strawberry-infused beverages may sound fancy, they are easy to make with very few supplies needed.

Add the tops of strawberries to create a colorful and fruity drink

Nothing can get much easier than using those discarded strawberry tops to make flavored water. Place the tops in a glass jar, fill with water, and allow the water to be infused with the sweet flavor for about an hour. About 10 to 20 slivers of the strawberry tops should be used for the best results. Kombucha fans can also add them to their store-bought or homemade bottles of the fermented beverage to create a more fresh and fruity carbonated drink. Simply place the strawberry tops in the bottles and screw the cap back on until ready to drink.

For something a little more adult, transform liquor into a beautiful spirit for sipping. Clear liquors such as vodka, rum, and gin will not only get the flavor from the strawberry tops, but they will also develop a light pink color. After pouring the liquor over the strawberries, they should be allowed to meld for about two days before being consumed. Strain the liquid and then enjoy as you like, such as a spicy and sweet strawberry peppercorn smash  — a beverage that looks and tastes like spring.