Put Italian Ice Cups To Work For The Ultimate Instant Cocktail

Now that we're past winter and into spring, it's time to put away the hot toddies and mulled wines and start thinking about warm-weather cocktails. And what says warm weather more than a frozen cocktail? If you love frozen margaritas and daiquiris — which happen to be the two most popular frozen cocktails in the US per our exclusive survey — but hate the long ingredient list that goes into making one (especially if you don't actually have all the ingredients on hand that you need), then you're going to love this cocktail making shortcut. The secret? Using Italian ice cups.

An American version of Italy's granita, and similar to sorbet, Italian ice is essentially water, sweetener, and fruit (which could be in the form of juice), which are all mixed together before being frozen. Available in the freezer section as an easy dessert, Italian ice cups are individual servings of Italian ice, and come in different flavors. When combined with your favorite booze in a blender, they also make for the ultimate instant frozen cocktails.

All you need is an Italian ice cup, alcohol, and a blender

You can combine a lemon or lime Italian ice cup and tequila for a classic frozen margarita. A strawberry Italian ice cup will work equally well with tequila for a frozen margarita or rum for a frozen daiquiri. Nor are you limited to tequila and rum. Vodka works well with any number of classic Italian ice cup flavors, including watermelon and blue raspberry. Gin, whiskey, and bourbon are all fair game. You can even add schnapps (as a nod to Washington D.C.'s Stable's schnapsicles). To turn it into your own version of the Italian sgroppino cocktail, add a bit of prosecco as a third ingredient. Wine, including rosé, can also be combined with an Italian ice cup for an easy frozen drink.

Lindy's, the makes of Lindy's Homemade Italian Ice, recommends placing the Italian ice cups in the microwave for around 30 seconds to thaw the ice out a bit before tossing it into the blender for easier mixing. You can also try running the Italian ice cups under hot water for a few seconds instead. Add your favorite alcohol, blend, and enjoy the easiest frozen cocktail ever.