What Is Your Favorite Frozen Cocktail?- Exclusive Survey

Nothing screams weekend quite like sipping on a frozen cocktail, instantly transporting you to the beach or your favorite summer vacation spot, no matter the time of year you're imbibing. And frozen cocktails have been helping the human race relax after a hectic day for thousands of years.

According to Tales of the Cocktail, people in ancient Mesopotamia enjoyed frozen alcohol mixed with pomegranate syrup. And Catherine de Medici, a former queen of France, per Smithsonian Magazine, popularized a version of frozen cocktails in England during the 1500s. And while The Alcohol Professor noted the U.S. didn't dive head first into the art of drinking frozen daiquiris until the prohibition, frozen cocktails have quickly become many Americans' favorite way to wind down on a Friday evening.

But since all drinkers have so much love for these festive cocktails, naturally everyone will have their favorite blend they think ranks above the rest. That's why Tasting Table conducted a survey asking 588 cocktail fans living in the U.S. to settle once and for all which drink deserves to be crowned the best frozen cocktail.

How did your favorite frozen cocktail rank?

Of the 588 people across the U.S. who participated in the Tasting Table poll, 40.65% of voters clearly spend a lot of their time "wasting away in Margaritaville," as the frozen cocktail that had the honor of being crowned the most delicious to sip on was a classic frozen marg.

The drink that came in second with 34.35% of the vote was a frozen daiquiri. This shouldn't be much of a surprise given that the cocktail is so popular that the state of Louisiana has entire drive-thrus dedicated to selling the drink (per 64 Parishes).

While the first two slots were fairly close, with the margarita receiving 239 votes to the daiquiri's 202, the third-place winner, frozen gin and tonic, only won 7.48% of voters' favor. The two drinks that claimed fourth and fifth place were the Sicilian Slush with 7.31% of the vote and the frozen Moscow mule with 6.8%.

Perhaps surprisingly, the frozen cocktail that was voted the least likely to end up in the surveyor's hands was frosé. With only 3.40% of the vote, it seems that although a cup of frozen rosé sounds tasty in theory, voters find the drink just can't compare to its competition.