Why Every Home Cook Needs A Chef's Press

You don't need to be a professional chef to own tools that help you create beautiful meals. A Chef's Press is one such object, an instrument that the everyday cook may not think about including in a home kitchen but one that proves itself useful even when making a grilled cheese sandwich.

A Chef's Press is a weighted iron that helps cooks literally press down on ingredients to ensure equal contact with a hot surface. Whether you're wanting perfectly grilled bacon or a nice streak of color on a sliced pepper, the Chef's Press can help you turn an average recipe into something that a professional might produce. Similar to a grill press, A Chef's Press is placed on top of whatever food ingredient is set down to cook inside a pan or on top of a grill. The added weight can reduce cooking time and result in a more evenly-cooked menu item. 

An easy kitchen assistant

In fact, the Chef's Press advertises that these metal devices can result in a 20 to 30% decrease in overall cooking time. Found in 8-, 13-, and 18-ounce sizes, the stainless steel handles of a Chef's Press can be stacked and maneuvered so you can attend to heavier meats or more delicate pieces of fish. The metal tool has cut-out slots built into its surface so steam can escape while your food cooks, and you don't risk serving hungry guests a soggy piece of steak.

When cooking for optimum flavor, the goal is to put your juicy burger, tofu steak, or sliced carrots in as much contact as possible with the hot pan, and as creative as you might be able to get with making your own cooking weights at home with objects you can find around the kitchen, a Chef's Press takes away this on-the-fly ingenuity out of your cooking process and provides immediate assistance for weighing cooking food down.