The Extra Step To Make A Grill Press More Efficient

Various types of meat and sandwiches are perfect for lunch, dinner, or even a late-night snack. One of the most delectable types is a pressed sandwich, so named for its pressed or grilled bread. Sometimes called a panini or in the case of the ultimate pork sandwich known as the Cuban sandwich, these handheld meals are served on sliced or hoagie-style bread which gets buttered and pressed between a grill, similar to a waffle iron. And sometimes these types of sandwiches get their crispy outer layer from a grill press.

If you're not familiar, this device is typically placed on top of the food that is already on the grill or that's cooking in a hot pan. A grill press works not only on pressed sandwiches but also reduces the cooking time on a steak, by ensuring that it's seared on both sides. A grill press also keeps the sides of bacon from curling so it crisps evenly. However, before you purchase a grill press or pull yours out of the cabinet, make sure you're using it in the most efficient way.

Take the time to preheat

Since the goal of using a grill press is to cook your food evenly on both sides and to reduce the cooking time in the process, it makes sense that it should have a temperature that's close to that of the skillet, griddle, or pan you're cooking with. If you heat the grill press before using it, the top and bottom of your food get an equal sear. This is why most grill presses are made from cast iron since the material distributes heat evenly and it retains heat once it's hot. Because it's made from a durable material, a grill press can be preheated by placing it directly on your stove burner.

You can do this with a gas stove by placing it on the flame or by placing it on the heated coil on an electric stove. If you have a glass top stove, you can use a grill press, but take extra care just as you would when using a cast iron skillet. So when setting it down and picking it up, don't move the press over the glass surface, since that can scratch your cooktop. No matter the type of stove you have, to achieve a thoroughly preheated press, leave it on the burner for about 10 minutes. Although this adds an extra step, it's worth it to get that perfectly seared piece of meat or golden, crispy sandwich.