The London Bakery Where You Can Find The Trendy Cube Croissant

It's understandable when a flashy hybrid like the cronut — pastry chef Dominique Ansel's innovative pairing of the croissant and donut — creates a social media frenzy. It's harder to fathom when a simple reshaping of a traditional pastry favorite creates a social media frenzy of its own, highlighted by millions of views on TikTok. That is until one sees the cube croissant, which looks so striking and so unlike traditional crescent-shaped croissants, that the fascination becomes obvious. The brainchild of Swedish pastry chef Bedros Kabranian, a member of the Swedish National Pastry Team (yes, this is a real thing), the cube croissant was first created in 2018 using an imported Chinese mold. Although Kabranian gets the credit for its invention, there's little doubt that the cube croissant has achieved its greatest artistry and certainly sparked the greatest social media interest, thanks to a bakery in another European country.

At Le Deli Robuchon in London, it's known simply as Le Cube, reports Secret London. People form in blockbusting lines  daily at the Mayfair-based bakery, whose namesake is the late great French chef Joël Robuchon, to try what may be the most famous cube since the one popularized by Ernö Rubik.

The cube croissants that went viral on TikTok

Joël Robuchon is one of the most celebrated French chefs of all time, a fact attested to by the record-breaking 32 Michelin stars he garnered in his lifetime. Joël Robuchon International, the company tasked with upholding the late chef's legacy after his passing in 2018, just a year later heralded the opening of Le Deli Robuchon and Le Comptoir Robuchon in London. 


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Le Deli Robuchon is certainly living up to those lofty standards while also achieving something Robuchon himself never got the chance to do: go viral on TikTok. The video featuring the snaking line, the deli, the cubed creations, and even a framed picture of Robuchon behind the counter has racked up more than 13 million views on TikTok alone. The trendy London hotspot bakes several versions of its most famous creation, including a chocolate, matcha, and vanilla version. The cube-shaped treats typically sell for £6.95. Besides social medial virality, Secret London notes the bakery recently made a splash when it, for a day, offered local delivery for 50 of the sought-after pastries.