14 Best Vegan Products To Try In 2023

Vegans these days have it easy thanks to the brave souls that paved the way before us: Early vegans drank rice milk and ate soy patties so that we could enjoy JUST Eggs and Impossible burgers. There's a new wave of veganism and consumers have put out a cry for tastier options. Companies have recognized this demand and are rapidly competing to create the best mock meats, milk, eggs, and honey on the market. And in 2023, we couldn't be more excited about the results. When cravings hit, give in to your curiosity and try the best vegan products of 2023.

Gone are the days of french fries and salad being your only option while dining out. Now, even fast-food chains are offering vegan options. Michelin Star restaurants are swapping filets for plant-based menus, and it's not uncommon to see entire sections in the grocery store dedicated to meat alternatives. Sushi, eggs, custards, and even steaks are no longer exclusively made with animal protein — and can be almost indistinguishable in flavor, appearance, and texture. New alternatives are popping up on the market every day, so keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals. For now, we've rounded up the very best vegan products to try in 2023.

Konscious Foods: Seafood line

Americans have jumped on board to ban plastic straws in some states in an effort to save the oceans and sea life from plastic. But, a much larger issue that is destroying our oceans is overfishing and bottom trolling, which destroys fish habitats and leaves the number one source of plastic in the ocean, ghost fishing gear, floating around on the loose. As consumers become more educated about the harmful effects that mass fishing has on our environment, their demand for plant-based seafood alternatives has skyrocketed. Konscious Foods has taken notice and created an incredible line of fish-friendly, plant-based, seafood alternatives.

For anyone with a hankering for sushi or poke bowls, look no further than the seafood line at Konscious Foods. In fact, they won the VegNews 2023 best in show award and are gaining traction with both vegans and omnivores alike. With classic sushi options like California rolls, tuna avocado, spicy salmon, and rainbow rolls it's easy to satisfy those seafood cravings. In addition, the poke bowl line features both a salmon and tuna option. Keep your eye on this new company, there are bound to do great things for the oceans and for our taste buds.

Crafty Counter: WunderEggs

Who doesn't love a tofu scramble for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Pile it on avocado toast, roll it up in a breakfast burrito, or enjoy it with tempeh bacon. But, until recently, plant-based egg options were something you had to create yourself using tofu, turmeric, and black salt. Today, there are dozens of vegan eggs on the market, and some restaurants and master chefs even claim to make them over easy with a runny yolk. Until now, the notion of a vegan hard-boiled egg seemed far-fetched, but Crafty Counter has outdone itself and created the first-ever Wundereggs.

Switching to an egg alternative provides more than just health benefits: It's a great way to reduce gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint. Whether you avoid eggs for the environment, animal advocacy, allergies, or for health reasons, Wundereggs has your back. Made with mostly almonds and cashews, these protein-packed vegan eggs are minimally processed. They cut just like hard-boiled eggs and can be used in egg salad sandwiches, cob salads, or eaten whole. 

Mighty Yum: Munchables

As our nation begins a shift towards plant-based eating, the next generation is bound to follow. And while it may seem like adults are having all the fun with vegan poke bowls and lavender oat milk lattes, there are plenty of kid-friendly options out there. Remember Lunchables, those cracker-packed, cold-cut, and cheese boxes that were essentially the equivalent of a kid's charcuterie board? Well, saddle up because there's a vegan version that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Introducing Muchables by Mighty Yum.

The ham and cheese option comes with vegan versions of both, alongside munch-able crackers. This is a great way for your vegan kiddo to feel less like an outsider at lunchtime and enjoy a fun finger food that is cruelty-free (without even knowing it). Order a six, 12, or 18-pack from the website, or choose the subscribe and save option if you're family is hungry for more. Let's be honest, you'll be raiding your kid's stash for late-night snacking so you might as well order a few extras. Each pack contains 14 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar. Plus, it packs easily into a lunchbox.

Melibio: Mellody honey

There are many foods out there that seem vegan but aren't. In fact, marshmallows, sprinkles, jello, and even some brands of roasted peanuts don't even make the cut as vegetarian. Yikes! Honey is one of those foods that really makes you stop and think about where it comes from the second someone points out that it's not vegan. Honey is an animal byproduct, made by bees for their own consumption and use. Extracting honey from a hive disrupts their work and home and can harm the bees in the process. Bees are essential for life on earth, as they pollinate our vegetation. Therefore, it's important for us to do our part in keeping them safe. Melibio has done just that, by coming out with Mellody Honey, a vegan honey alternative.

This sticky sweet honey-less honey is the same texture, look, and flavor as the real thing. It can be used in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe and even shares some of the same health benefits as honey. Unlike honey, it's safe to enjoy for every age group and is the first of its kind. Currently, you can enjoy Mellody Honey at select restaurants across the country and can even request to serve the honey alternative in your own restaurant on the website.

Elmhurst: Lavender milk

Elmhurst milk is known for its chic packaging and minimal ingredients. It's one of the more expensive milk alternatives in the cooler section and is often sold in markets and upscale grocery stores. However, there is a reason for this. Elmhurst milk is made with only the necessary ingredients, excluding chemicals, preservatives, and GMOs. It's one of the only non-dairy milk brands that doesn't use stabilizers and gums but, instead, uses a HydroRelease method without over-processing the ingredients. 

In 2023, they've come out with a Vanilla Lavender Botanical Blend that is creamy, delicately floral, and lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Believe us, lavender is the surprising floral ingredient that will take your latte up a notch.

This vegan milk is made with a base of oats and cashews and can be used in iced or hot coffee, tea, and cocktails, or enjoyed straight from the carton. The calming effects of lavender will be sure to balance out your caffeine buzz and highlight the sweet botanicals of summer. Find Elmhurst at Whole Foods, and select co-ops and markets near you. When you're all finished, don't forget to recycle that carton.

Ben and Jerry's: Oatmeal Dream Pie

As Ben and Jerry's, known for their frozen dairy ice cream, has been working vigilantly to expand their non-dairy line to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Plenty of vegan brands have launched the frozen treat, and many of them are quite scrumptious, but it's always surprising to see such a well-made vegan option from a non-vegan company. Ben and Jerry's is the master of ice cream after all, so it's no wonder their new dairy-free Oatmeal Dream Pie ice cream flavor is nothing but gold.

Made with sunflower milk and gluten-free oats this allergen-friendly alternative is just about as close as you can get to the real thing when it comes to flavor. This flavor brings back nostalgic memories of oatmeal cream pies and is made with vanilla ice cream and vegan marshmallow swirls. The Vermont brand sells its ice cream in most chain grocery stores. Ben and Jerry's has been on a serious roll when it comes to launching vegan flavors, so keep your eyes peeled for what they have in store for us next.

THIS: Isn't streaky bacon

Between tempeh, carrot peels, eggplant, rice paper, and banana peels, we as a society have actually come pretty close to replicating that salty and fatty crunch of bacon. But, it's also easy to admit that we've yet to master a replica that is quite as desirable ... until now. THIS has a whole line of vegan meats and has just dropped its newest creation: THIS Isn't Streaky Bacon.

Made with a base of soya and pea protein, along with other ingredients like smoke flavoring and olive oil, this vegan bacon has achieved what many have tried to do and failed. The texture is scarily similar to real bacon, and the flavor is pretty darn close, too. It even looks like the real thing with streaks of white and red that run along the thin strips. The vegan bacon even sizzles when cooked, crisps up nicely, and hits all of the marks when it comes to meat alternatives, including high protein and low-sodium content. Move over bacon, the brand begins an inevitable takeover.

Violife: Sour cream

Violife has been supplying vegans with cheese products for years including their cheddar and mozzarella shreds. In fact, it's even expanded to have a line of artisanal cheeses and has graced us with feta, epic smoked cheddar, smoked gouda rounds, and parmesan. Since then, Violife has come out with dips, butter, and most recently, a much-needed Violife sour cream.

Yes, your baked potato will taste just fine with a drizzle of olive oil or a smear of plant-based butter, but there's nothing more refreshing than a big old dollop of vegan sour cream. This light, tangy, and creamy product contains ingredients like coconut oil, olive extract, and banana powder. It's just what your tray of vegan nachos, potato chips, soup, and black bean taco needed. Violife is sold in grocery stores all over the country, so inquire with yours today if they carry this new addition. You just can't get any creamier than that.

Snacklins: Nacho plant crisps

Perhaps the hardest time to be a vegan is when you're on the go. It seems that although there are some convenience store options available, we are often reduced to trail mix and potato chips. Sometimes you just need something a little more exciting and nutritious, but there are few healthy alternatives out there. Snacklins have answered our prayers and come out with a vegan puffed snack food called Nacho Plant Crisps. Instead of deep-fried potatoes, these chips are made from yuca and mushrooms. They're all spiced up to taste like nacho cheese chips.

In addition, they are gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, and soy free, so they can fit into almost any diet or preference. Snacklins makes a variety of plant-based snack food crisps, including cinnamon churro, barbeque, and Chesapeake Bay. Find Nacho Plant Crips in stores like Stop & Shop and Wegmans across the country. Not all stores carry every flavor, so call ahead to be sure they have the Nacho crisps in stock. These are nacho average chips (sorry, was that too cheesy?).

Silk: Mocha Almond Creamer

While the plant-based milk industry has exploded, and even lured a large number of non-vegans to come over to the dark side, the variety in plant-based coffee creamers is still lacking. Many dairy-free folks are still using vegan milk in their coffee and wondering why it's not as rich and creamy as their dairy half-and-half from another lifetime. There are, however, a few great creamers on the market, and, recently, Silk has launched a Mocha Almond Creamer that's both creamy and sweet.

This creamer is deeply rich with chocolaty flavors. Why wait to go to the coffee house for a mocha latte or mocha iced coffee when you can enjoy one from the comfort of your living room? And you can feel good about drinking every sip because Silk helps almond farmers implement regenerative farming practices for sustainable agriculture and land restoration.

On the health front, the Silk Mocha Almond Creamer doesn't contain any cholesterol, casein, or saturated fat. It's lactose-free, gluten-free, and made with all certified, non-GMO ingredients. And the best part is, Silk sells its products in popular grocery stores nationwide.

Tideford Organics: Creamy mushroom soup

If you've been craving a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, but gave up dairy a long time ago then you're in luck. Tide Ford Organics has made a new and improved Creamy Mushroom Soup that's lightyears better than their original version. They've toned down the coconut flavor and added a variety of dried mushroom powders to enhance the richness and umami flavors. What makes Tide Ford Organics stand out amongst other brands is their products are made with ingredients that you recognize and never include any chemicals or unnatural preservatives.

Whether you want to use this soup to make mushroom tetrazzini, green bean casserole, or simply heat and eat the soup itself, rest easy knowing that you are loading your body up with immunity-boosting super mushrooms like reishi, chaga, shitake, maitake, lion's mane, cordyceps, and white fungus. Other natural ingredients like coconut milk and potatoes help to make this creamy-dreamy soup nice and thick and don't forget that everything Tide Ford sells is 100% organic.

The Fudgy Pop: Fudgin' Fudgy Pop

If you ask any vegan what they miss the most, a majority will tell you sweet treats. And while they are easy enough to get your hands on, they aren't always as rich and descendant as their dairy-packed counterparts. In 2023, two Los Angeles women created their very own brand of vegan fudge pops that are even creamier and denser than a traditional Fudgcicle: Fudgy Pop. The best part of their sweet-treat innovation is that they are made with recognizable ingredients like coconut cream, dutch cocoa powder, coconut oil, and vanilla extract.

These frozen desserts can be purchased in a variety of flavors including the original Fudgin' Fudgy, Fudgin' Berry and Fudgin' Minty. Don't worry about having to wait for these fudgin' fantastic treats to come to stores near you because, currently, they ship all over the U.S. without shipping fees. If you believe that chocolate is a food group on its own and can't get enough of it, then Fudgy Pop's are a must-try. Order a variety pack today or zone in on your favorite flavor.

The Plant Based Seafood Co: Mind Blown Plant-Based Sea Scallops

For those of us who grew up by the ocean and have enjoyed fresh fish for most of our lives, it can be tricky to be left drooling with the few passable vegan seafood options out there. And while those of us who have had a hankering for sea scallops may have discovered the wonders of sliced and pan-seared king oyster mushrooms, it's nice to have a pre-made option available that doesn't take quite so much labor to prepare. Luckily, The Plant-Based Seafood Co. has launched their Mind Blown Plant-Based Sea Scallops, and we do have to say, they are pretty mind-blowing.

Not only do they look just like sea scallops but ingredients like konjac root help to mimic the texture, while natural and artificial flavors from the sea are used to replicate that briny sweet flavor. This scallop alternative will be sure to satisfy your seafood cravings and is a much more ocean-friendly choice. In fact, The Plant-Based Seafood Co. donates a percentage of its profits to restoring coral reefs.

The most exciting part of all is that these vegan sea scallops are shelf stable. That's right, they don't require any refrigeration until they're opened. Simply rinse them with water, pat them dry, coat them with the included spice packet, and toss them in a pan. Order on the website or through one of their wholesalers like Sysco or Webstraunt.

WayFare: Dairy-free yogurt

For many plant-based eaters interested in nutrition, it was likely easy to hop on board with cutting out red meat, cheese, and milk. But, yogurt is loaded with probiotics that help promote the growth of good gut bacteria and can balance your gut microbiome. For those avoiding dairy, but still seeking the benefits of probiotic foods, look no further than vegan yogurt. Typically, vegan yogurt contains the same bacteria that you can find in dairy yogurt like bacillus coagulans, so don't worry about missing out on all of those amazing benefits. In 2023, Wayfare came out with its very own dairy-free yogurt line, including plain, strawberry, and raspberry flavors in 4.8-ounce single-serve containers.

Believe it or not, WayFare's dairy-free yogurt is made with a base of butter beans, pumpkin seeds, and oats. The product is certified gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. Buy online through GTFO It's Vegan, or find a store near you that carries it using their website's store locator.