Jay Fai: One Of Bangkok's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurants

While most 70-somethings set out to enjoy an easier pace in life, Supinya Junsuta continues to work at her food stall in Bangkok, cooking up meals that have attracted the attention of restaurant reviewers and celebrities alike. In 2018, Junsuta, now more commonly known as Jay Fai after the name of her establishment, gained international publicity after Raan Jay Fai was awarded with a Michelin star. Since then, Fai has continued to serve up seafood and noodle dishes to visitors eager to taste Michelin-starred food at more affordable prices. 

Outfitted in goggles, gloves, a black apron, and a beanie cap, Fai runs her stand with authority, commanding a team of assistants who prep ingredients as she keeps watch over charcoal-fired stoves. Her fame has helped her partner with Thai Airways, for which she's designed first- and business-class menus. And while tasting menus at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world can tally well into the hundreds, diners can enjoy Fai's signature dishes without breaking the bank.

Award-winning dishes at affordable prices

For as low as $14, curious travelers can sample some of Fai's most famous recipes made with curry, soup, noodles, and seafood. Warm bowls of spicy tom yum goong are packed with jumbo prawns, fish chunks, and mushrooms spiced with kaffir lime leaves. For an even heartier meal, generous servings of crab meat and eggs are mixed together and fried in hot oil, resulting in a burrito-like treat that can satiate the hungriest of visitors.

This fried crab omelet, priced at 1,200 Thai baht (around $35), is one of the more costly items on Fai's menu, while drunken noodles can be ordered and enjoyed for 500 Thai baht (around $14). If you've wanted to taste Michelin-level meals without emptying out your wallet, Fai's food stall is just the place.

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