Gordon Ramsay Puts Up His Own Money As The Prize In New Reality Show

Fresh off the wild success of "Next Level Chef" season 2 and the taping of "MasterChef" season 13, Gordon Ramsay has announced another foray into the realm of reality TV competition shows. This time, the chef has a little something extra riding on the table: $250,000 of his own money. Obviously, any show with Ramsay's name attached can attract enough investors that he wouldn't need to pony up his own cash to get it up and running. But the show's premise explains how his investment plays a crucial role in the overarching theme.

Titled "Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars," this new competition is not based in the kitchen. As the trailer announces, Ramsay will be heading to the boardroom to evaluate the business acumen of some of the top culinary entrepreneurs in the industry today. The show is intended to be an American adaptation of a successful British TV series dubbed "Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars" (via Studio Ramsay). At the conclusion, Ramsay will be choosing not just a winner but also a new talent to invest his quarter of a million dollars in.

Ramsay is ready to invest in new talent

Though other shows like "Kitchen Nightmares" have highlighted Ramsay's entrepreneurial experience, "Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars" will offer an even deeper dive into his mogul magic. According to a press release, contestants will face challenges that revolve around the many facets of running a successful food brand — from marketing to product development. Meanwhile, high-powered guest judges, such as Jimmy Donaldson of MrBeast Burger fame, and focus groups will provide unique industry feedback for each episode. 

The pool of contestants is made up of inventors, innovators, and small business owners — each one challenged to get a jump on starting no less than a full-blown food empire. Acting as an industry mentor and potential angel investor, Ramsay has the ultimate incentive to make sure he picks the best entrepreneur of the lot. 

If you want to tune in to this culinary-skewed version of "Shark Tank," you can watch "Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars" on May 24, following the premiere of "MasterChef" season 13.