How To Win MasterChef, According To Season 3 Champ Christine Hà - Exclusive

What better way to win a competition than to get advice from a previous champ? A legend in the "MasterChef" world with the Season 3 grand prize under her belt, chef Christine Hà shared some tips with Tasting Table on how to make it through challenges ahead of the all-star season 12 finale.

In an exclusive interview, Hà revisited her season and talked about working with judges Joe Bastianich, Graham Elliot, and Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant owner explained that the trio have "already [tasted] some of the best food in the world" while judging the program, so you should never second guess yourself. According to Hà, cooking what is "true to your heart and to yourself and really representative of the food culture that you're from and that you understand and that you, yourself, love to eat or serve your friends and family" will cater toward your best abilities when it comes to the kitchen.

With that said, the "MasterChef" winner gave an additional tip on how to cook your way to the top.

Hà says you should diversify your cooking knowledge

When it comes to cooking competition advice, you would be wise to listen to "MasterChef" alumni and season 3 champion Christine Hà. The chef returned to the "MasterChef” stage this season, judging the home chefs as they competed to make Vietnamese dishes — her specialty — in a mystery box challenge episode. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, chef Hà shared some guidance for future contestants, explaining, "I would say try to know a little about everything because you never know what challenge is going to be thrown your way."

Hà told us that being prepared is the best way to face anything the competition brings, as each season and day is different from the last. She continued, "It could be a certain ingredient, it could be a cuisine, or a certain technique that maybe you're not familiar with." Chefs often specialize in specific cuisines or styles of cooking, so it makes sense that uncharted territory in the kitchen could throw off any contestant. So if Season 13 "MasterChef" producers come knocking at your door, thanks to Hà's sage advice you'll know exactly how to prepare!

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