Why Every Home Cook Needs An Offset Spatula

Kitchen gadgets and tools can be overwhelming because there are just so many of them. It may have you wondering just how many of these mixing, dicing, peeling, and coring pieces of equipment you really need. But one kitchen wonder that you should definitely have in your culinary arsenal is an offset spatula. Now, there are a lot of spatulas out there. In fact, chances are if you are a fan of this tool, you have a favorite. 

Ted Allen thinks everyone should own a fish spatula to assist you when you are moving a delicate fish around, and Carla Hall revealed to Architectural Digest she likes a high-heat rubber spatula for scrambling eggs. Some spatulas are great for scraping the sides of a bowl to get every last bit of brownie or muffin mix. Others come in handy when you are flipping a burger or pancake, and still, others are used for frosting those beautiful, homemade cakes. The offset spatula is unique in that it can do all of these tasks. If you are unfamiliar, an offset spatula looks a little like a butter knife but bigger and more versatile.

It's multi-purpose

The offset spatula is flat and narrow. It curves at an angle toward the handle it is attached to, providing great agility to its user. One of its primary uses is when cake decorating is needed. It is perfect for frosting cakes when you want to get smooth, clean frosting layers. This spatula makes it easier to work in those tight spaces. The offset spatula's thin blade also makes it ideal for removing cookies from a cookie sheet without the risk of damaging their perfection in the process. But if you are not a cake decorator or cookie baker, never fear, the offset spatula can be of assistance in a number of other ways.

If you ever watched a diner show, you may recall seeing the cook use his or her offset spatula to ring the bell to let wait staff know their orders are ready. But using it to ring a bell is just a perk. The offset spatula is a go-to for flipping and turning, especially when it comes to pancakes, eggs, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, and burgers. Additionally, like a butter knife, you can use it to spread everything from mayo to jam. So, if you are hemming and hawing about what type of spatula to keep in your kitchen drawers, you may want to consider the offset spatula.