19 Kitchen Items That Have Been Sold By Supreme, Ranked

Perhaps no brand is as synonymous with random collaborations as streetwear company Supreme. They've sat at the intersection of street fashion and popular culture since their launch in 1994, somehow managing to keep their "cool factor," despite the unpredictable nature of trends. While their products mainly center around clothing and accessories, over the years they've expanded to include home decor and kitchenware — amongst other things.

Supreme's releases are always produced in limited quantities, and collaborations regularly draw lines of kids either obsessed with having the latest product or hoping to add to an already-impressive collection. Often, unlucky ones are subjected to an overly marked-up resellers market, where a simple keychain can cost upwards of one hundred dollars. Nevertheless, that "cool factor" is also what makes Supreme a hot commodity for people of all ages. From logo-stamped Ziploc bags to fashionable mini fridges, there's no telling what Supreme will pull out of their collaborative hat next.

19. Supreme Ziploc Bags

You can never have enough Ziploc bags; they're useful for all sorts of stuff. It's also probably the last company you'd expect a streetwear brand to collaborate with. What random arrangement of neurons made this genius idea possible? Maybe the owners are just really serious about food storage. Whatever the inspiration, there's no denying how steezy it is to use Supreme Ziploc bags for everyday storage necessities. Unlike other bag varieties you'd find at the store, it probably isn't safe to use these Ziploc bags for sous vide. You may not even want to store leftovers in these costly baggies, as each box is worth a year's supply of the retail version. Although an extremely fun collab, based on the exorbitant price and the likelihood you'll never actually use these, so this pick is just good enough to make the list. One thing's for sure, having Supreme emblazoned on your Ziploc bag definitely makes food storage cooler.

18. Supreme Baccarat Dom Pérignon Flute Set

Even one of the world's most popular streetwear brands knows how to dress for the occasion. Supreme did that and more when they collaborated with legendary glassworks company Baccarat on a pair of Dom Pérignon champagne flutes. Since 1764, Baccarat has been a standard in crystal glassware making and is no stranger to award-winning high quality. Everything is handmade, using a technique that takes over 15 years to master. Supreme's Baccarat Dom Pérignon set brings the craftsmanship of a heritage brand together with a youthful and cool stamp of approval. This collab makes the list because it does a great job with two polar opposites, combining the concrete with the classy. If you wanna enjoy an expensive bottle of Dom Pérignon while listening to A Tribe Called Quest, who are we to stop you? A little bubbly and hip-hop never hurt anyone.

17. Supreme Ceramic Sake Set

One could argue that sake should always be enjoyed with company. Why else would the pouring vessel, known as ochoko, come with two cups? Aside from the company, something about pouring sake from a bottle specially made for it also makes it taste better. Maybe it's the unique curvature that provides the perfect conditions, harmonizing the flavor profile. Or it could just be the authentic feeling it gives you.

As one of the meccas of street fashion, Japan is a natural Supreme hot spot, having numerous stores throughout the country. That's why it makes perfect sense for them to release a Ceramic Sake Set. In true brand fashion, they chose to forego an elaborate bottle design, deciding instead to only use their logo. Even though it isn't the fanciest design, sake lovers and part-time lovers alike can enjoy this collab. Their iconic logo alone is enough to run the price tag up, quite possibly granting those who drink from it enhanced coolness.

16. Supreme Thermos Food Jar with Spoon

To help combat the chilly temperatures, Supreme made a white food jar in collaboration with Thermos for their Fall/Winter 2018 product drop. Thermos has been a trusted manufacturer of double-walled vacuum-insulated containers since 1904, which means they're a time-tested confirmation of quality. Choosing a more subtle branding design, this collaboration features a small Supreme logo against a solid white backdrop. While it only holds up to 16 ounces, cold or hot lunches will be kept temperature-safe for nine and 14 hours respectively. Along with being double-walled stainless steel, it comes with a foldable spoon, keeping your lunch ready for consumption at a moment's notice. 

This collab makes the list because it's not only cleanly designed, but can also be really useful. This compact collaboration will fit snuggly inside your book bag or briefcase — if you can't get your hands on one, that is.

15. Supreme Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup

Behind their curtain of coolness, Supreme must be secret chefs, because who other than a cook would think to collaborate with iconic glassware company Pyrex? Even kitchenware historians that are hip to why vintage Pyrex is so in demand can appreciate this collector's item. Unlike other collaborations on this list, Supreme's Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup doesn't cost as much, although that can change as the collector's market shifts. You can be a baking legend in the streets while still enjoying the reliable durability that Pyrex is known for, or you can keep it neatly boxed while the value increases. 

This easy collab deserves to make the list simply because measuring things right is super satisfying. At the very least, it'll be a conversation starter, especially if you're into kitchenware. Anyone that's ever told you that cool can't be measured hasn't heard of this fun collaboration.

14. Supreme Longevity Bowl

Time plays a significant role in what makes Supreme so cool. Not only are its products limited, but they're also collector's items that increase in value over time like art pieces. That's probably why the company's decision to release a Longevity Bowl makes sense. Traditionally gifted on special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries, longevity bowls symbolize long life. Noodles that are served in them are supposed to be consumed whole, rather than chewed in half. 

When it comes to this collab, Supreme not only checks the boxes for quality and design but a meaningful practice too. With Supreme's Longevity Bowl, you'll not only give a gift that symbolizes long life, but you'll also have a collector's item that grows in worth as you grow older. That said, since eating is required for it to work, you can extend your years by filling your bowl with Supreme's cheesy Kraft team-up.

13. Supreme Dish Towels

There's something about Supreme's iconic logo that makes it look good on anything. Even your everyday kitchen towel looks 10-times cooler with the word Supreme displayed across it. For reasons unknown, as part of their Spring/Summer 2019 releases, they decided your kitchen deserved better dish towels. You know those display hand towels that Grandma's use purely for decoration? These would work great for that.

They're 100% cotton made, have a jacquard logo pattern, and come sold as a set. These make the cut because who would've thought the Supreme logo could look so pretty on kitchen towels? Mostly monochromatic, the towels are available in three basic colorways: red, black, or blue against white. You'll have the steeziest dinner party on the block setting your table with these, all you need for the final touch is the Supreme brand dining set.

12. Supreme Jar Set

Storage organization is an essential part of a well-maintained living space. While house cleaning can often be a drag, having a curated collection of storage containers makes up for what otherwise might be considered pure human labor. As a mainstay in the cool home decor department, it follows that Supreme would release a pair of glass jars.

Although indistinguishable from any plain ol' glass storage jar (except for the brand's iconic logo, of course) this release still manages to be pretty cool. There are literally endless things you can store in these, from food ingredients to tiny kitchen-related odds and ends. Supreme's Jar Set comes in two sizes, a smaller 170-milliliter option, and a larger 325-milliliter one. A clasp closure lid is attached to each as well to ensure the contents stay nice and secure.

11. Supreme Stacking Cups

You can never own enough cups, can you? Some of us have cabinets so overloaded with coffee mugs that there are definitely a few that haven't been touched in years. Even still, that won't keep mom from purchasing a novelty memento during the next family road trip. Supreme has released many cups over the years, but ironically none stack up to their ... stacking cups.

Coming in a set of four, Supreme's tiny stackable cups are perfect for espresso shots, nontraditional sake consumption, or holding a taste-testing contest. Basically, anything you can fit in their little wells goes. Whip these out next time a guest comes over and your stacking cups will surely runneth over with conversations about Supreme's next coveted release. Each is made of durable plastic and cleverly spells Supreme when stacked together, which should be enough to land them a spot on our list.

10. Supreme Ceramic Doughboy Cookie Jar

In a perfectly curated world, you'd own your favorite version of everything. That said, for Supreme loyalists, this Fall/Winter 2022 release just might be your favorite version of a cookie jar. Supreme collaborated with the iconic pastry brand Pillsbury to create the perfect pop culture mash-up: A cookie jar that resembles the Pillsbury Doughboy, quite possibly one of the best food-related mascots ever invented. 

The jar mostly retains the traditional look of Doughboy, it's all white, with round blue eyes, wearing a cheerful smile. In his hands, he holds the Supreme logo like it's corn on the cob, or maybe a baguette. The Doughboy Cookie Jar is made of ceramic and has a vintage feel that looks as if it will age gracefully, making it one of the best Supreme collector's items.

9. Supreme Chopsticks

Chopsticks are some of the most unique eating utensils ever invented. What makes them amazing is that they're thousands of years old yet still used today as if they were brand new. To have lasted that many generations, there's no doubt chopsticks are essential tools. They're also great as gifts, coming in endless designs and colors. Depending on the occasion, you can whip out your fanciest set, or mix it up and let everyone choose their own favorites.

Supreme's Chopsticks would be a bold yet conversation-starting addition to dinner. The pair is made of enamel and comes in a ruby-esque solid red that's hard to miss. On the wider end of the chopsticks, the Supreme logo rests along the side. Staying on brand, the design is simple yet refined enough to secure a spot as one of Supreme's best collaborations.

8. Supreme Wedo Step Stool

A step stool is probably one of the last houseware items you think about when it comes to making your house look cool. After all, it's just something you step on to reach things you actually care about. Well it seems like the trusty creatives over at Supreme felt your common home step stool wasn't receiving the attention it deserved, and decided to Supreme-ify it. Their collab with German life goods company Wedo comes in three color options, blue, black, and of course, their classic red. 

These time-tested step stools have a 10-year guarantee, helping you dust, organize, and replace kitchen lights more easily and efficiently. It's also shatterproof and sturdy. No spider web will be safe with one of these in your crib. With the Supreme Wedo Step Stool, your kitchen will only be a step away from cool.

7. Supreme SIGG Food Jar with Spoon

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people are always looking for ways to make eating on the go more convenient. Naturally, a brand like Supreme, whose roots come from being active in the streets, would release a portable food jar. Their collab with Switzerland-based aluminum bottle maker SIGG works not only for skaters but for anyone with a busy schedule.

Supreme's SIGG food jar is leakproof, made of stainless steel, and comes in two brand-centric colors, black and red. It also includes a stainless steel foldable spoon for steamy soups. Whether you're thinking hot and hearty for lunch, or cold and refreshing, this food jar will keep the contents warm for up to 14 hours, and chill for an impressive 20 hours. Of course, what Supreme collab is complete without their logo sprawled across? Anything that will keep your food hot so you don't have to wait in the microwave line at work should be on this list. Consistent as always, not only is it super cool, it's super useful. All respect to Thermos, but we like this food jar a good bit more.

6. Supreme AWS Max-700 Digital Scale

You'll measure ingredients precisely and with style using Supreme's Digital Scale. It's pocket-sized, which means it's lightweight, portable, and can come in handy at a moment's notice. In the kitchen, home chefs can benefit from having a digital scale because it simplifies prep work, making the cooking process less time-consuming. Whether a recipe calls for a specific amount of fluid ounces or a needle-pin accurate amount of flour, a quick press of buttons is all it takes to easily follow instructions to a T. 

Supreme's Digital Scale is made of stainless steel and plastic and features the streetwear label's unmistakable branding: red with white logo letters. Don't underestimate how fun weighing things can be — with this scale, when you're not prepping food, you'll be measuring any random thing you can find. No one will doubt your commitment to precision after you whip one of these babies out.

5. Supreme Bialetti Moka Express

Just when you thought Supreme branded products couldn't become any more fun, for their Spring/Summer 2019 they released a coffee maker in collaboration with classic Italian brand Bialetti. Since 1919, the company has been an Italian mainstay, known for its Moka Express coffee maker which impressively was also invented that same year. Supreme must really have good taste, they could've collaborated with any ol' coffee machine brand but instead chose a 90-year-old Italian staple. 

In true brand fashion, the Supreme Bialetti Moka Express is solid red, with the white logo printed down vertically. It's made of aluminum alloy and can make up to six cups of coffee at a time. While this isn't the first coffee-related Supreme collaboration, it makes the list because everyone can use a little pick-me-up. One thing's for sure — after six cups of coffee, you'll be supremely awake.

4. Supreme Oreo Cookies

Easily one of the coolest, instantly classic collaborations that Supreme has done is with the popular cookie sandwich maker Oreo. For over 100 years, Oreo has been a prominent fixture in pop culture and on snack aisle shelves. There's something about the marriage of chocolate biscuits and sugary creme that screams perfection. Clearly, like many of us, Supreme is also a fan.

What makes Supreme a great collaborator is how they choose to display its branding on products. For its collab with Oreo, Supreme put a spin on the classic black-ish cookie color by changing it to red, making it reminiscent of red velvet cake. They'll definitely turn heads and spark conversations around the snack table. This is easily one of Supreme's best collaborations because well ... it's Oreo. Also, you won't have to worry about over-indulging, as sadly, only three cookies are included in each pack.

3. Supreme STAUB Dutch Oven

If your cookware arsenal doesn't include a dutch oven, you're missing out on countless crave-worthy recipes. Boasting all the resilience of a cast iron skillet, the beautiful color options of ceramic cookware, along with extra space for soups, stews, and more, there are many reasons why you need a Dutch oven. Supreme proves once again that it knows quality by collaborating with French cast-iron cookware maker STAUB for its Spring/Summer 2023 accessory release. 

The Supreme STAUB Dutch Oven comes in a brazen and bold solid red with embossed logos; the only other color is a golden lid handle. It holds 5.5 quarts, which is the standard size for Dutch ovens, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With its long-lasting and appealing aesthetic, this Supreme collab is totally worth STAUB-ing for and adding to this list.

2. Supreme Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Another Supreme collaboration that's built to last a lifetime is with Lodge, a cast iron cookware maker of 125 years. Like STAUB, Lodge is known for quality-made goods that can survive the rigors of a busy home life. Their resilience is the stuff of legend — not only can you fry some spectacular chicken, but you can also cleanly hammer a nail into the wall. That said, we'll leave it up to you to decide the absolute best use for your cast iron skillet

Supreme mostly sticks to the traditional cast iron look; it's all black and plain except for their embossed logo in the center and on the bottom. This skillet cast a spell on us, and before we knew it, magically landed on our list. It comes in a standard 10 inches in size, which is perfect for cheffing up most meals.

1. Supreme Smeg Mini Fridge

As one of the coolest brands in the world, it's no surprise Supreme decided to collaborate with Italian home appliance manufacturer Smeg on a retro-style mini fridge for their Spring/Summer 2021 drop. In true Smeg retro fashion, the fridge features a stainless steel handle, adjustable glass shelves, a thermostat, and a LED light. Inside, the mini fridge drops to temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer will hit a chilly 5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All of your favorite go-to snacks and beverages are sure to be kept fresh and ready. Vibrantly red with a large Supreme logo printed on the doors, it's an eye-catching addition to your workspace, home bar, tricked-out man cave, and our list too. No matter what space you add it to, this fridge will turn heads. All you have to do is plug in and chill out.