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Add A Hearty Crunch To Roast Beef Sandwiches With Crispy Fried Onions

No matter which cut of beef you choose to roast, the resulting roast beef will likely please as a main dish centerpiece or as a sumptuous meat to be used in sandwiches. Roast beef sandwiches are believed to have been an accidental byproduct of two people calling off their public wedding vows — legend has it that back in 1951, roast beef sandwich chain Kelly's sliced up leftover roast beef from the canceled event and served the meat on hot dog bread to rave reviews.

Roast beef sandwiches have since become a delicious staple in the sandwich game and they're fairly easy to make. But one caveat that comes with a love of roast beef sandwiches is that they can get pretty soggy (no shade to those who enjoy soggy sandwiches) if they're made with lots of juice.

Luckily, there's one trick you can deploy to give your roast beef sandwich a hearty crunch.

Crispy fried onions for a crunchy boost

There are many ways to dress up a roast beef sandwich: With a layer of cheese, a slathering of BBQ sauce, a sprinkle of salad, butter, black olives, and more. But there's something about a texture contrast with a bit of satisfying crunch that makes biting into a sandwich all the more appetizing — after all, that's why some people add potato chips to their sandwiches.

But for a crunchier roast beef sandwich with a deeper flavor profile, try adding crispy fried onions. For a quick sandwich boost, store-bought crispy fried onions are a convenient way to up your roast beef sandwich game, and can even be used in sandwiches you're making for later to take along for a picnic or mid-hike lunch. Just be sure to store the crispy fried onions separately and add them right before eating for the optimal crunch.