20 Trendy Restaurants And Bars In Cancun

From Spring Break to a tropical escape, Cancun is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico. The turquoise waters and exciting nightlife draw tons of tourists every year, but there is more to Cancun than just tequila and sandy beaches. In fact, the culinary scene in Cancun has continued to grow, featuring a diverse array of casual eateries and upscale restaurants that impress locals and visitors alike.

While street tacos reign supreme when it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, Cancun is also home to some incredibly stylish and trendy hotspots that serve more modern takes on Mexican fare. Additionally, everything from Mediterranean food to Italian-inspired restaurants is also available in this beachside oasis. While there are plenty of clubs in Cancun, craft cocktails and vibrant bars are also abundant, ensuring that there is something for every kind of traveler. That said, we've rounded up the trendiest restaurants and bars in Cancun so that you can eat and drink to your heart's desire.

El Socio Naiz Taqueria

El Socio Naiz Taquería puts an elevated touch on the classic taquería. The street-style tacos are given a more elegant twist, both in regard to the presentation and ingredients. From traditional al pastor to more unique octopus and pork tacos, El Socio Naiz Taquería ensures that there are bold flavors in every bite. Though the focus is obviously on tacos, the menu also features other appetizers like fried avocado bites and crispy potatoes, allowing you to build your own spread to share.

The cocktails are also worth exploring. Enjoy everything from classic margaritas to creamy coffee and Mezcal libations. If you're craving authentic tacos in Cancun but want to dine in a more elevated atmosphere, El Socio Naiz Taquería offers the best of both worlds. Just don't forget to end with some sweet churros for dessert.

Taboo Restaurant Cancun

Taboo Restaurant brings Mediterranean cuisine to the shores of Mexico. Each dish on the menu starts with simple, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients while serving up a fresh re-imagination of Mediterranean classics on each plate. Mexico and the Mediterranean both have incredible access to the ocean, so it's no surprise that Taboo specializes in fish and seafood, boasting favorites such as giant tiger shrimp, Mediterranean lobster, dorado royale, turbot, branzino, langoustines, and its famous colossal calamari.

The menu also features handmade Italian pasta, paying homage to one of the Mediterranean region's favorite staples. Carnivores can also enjoy high-quality wood-fired meats, including Kobe beef. Taboo offers its delicious menu in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the restaurant's decor puts its locale on full display. Diners are surrounded by warm woods, soft light, and high ceilings that let natural light filter in.


RosaNegra pays tribute to Latin American cuisine, pulling inspiration from countries like Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. That said, this tribute doesn't only guide the menu; the high-quality ingredients used by the chefs at RosaNegra are sourced daily from various Latin American countries.

The meats are diverse and amazing, ranging from a generous selection of Kobe beef to Wagyu beef to a variety of prime Argentinian cuts — all of which are charcoal grilled to order. The seafood at RosaNegra is similarly high-quality, and the menu boasts variety to boot. The kitchen is stocked with Ōra King salmon, super colossal octopus, Nigerian tiger shrimp, giant crab claws, and Alaskan king crab cluster. The chefs at RosaNegra also offer a showcase of Peruvian and Mexican gastronomic traditions as its ceviche and tiradito shine. Make sure to top off your order with one of its spectacular artisan cocktails, or a selection from its extensive wine list.

Coco Bongo

With a fun name and an electrifying atmosphere to match, Coco Bongo takes entertainment to the next level. Diners can enjoy a wide selection of hot and cold snacks and meals before hitting the dance floor and celebrating alongside fellow partygoers and Coco Bongo's go-go dancers all night long. Whether you're singing along at Gaga night or dancing along to rock classics on Beatles night, there's no denying that Coco Bongo is one of the most popular spots for partying and drinking in Cancun.

Coco Bongo also offers an unforgettable selection of drinks, and party-goers can order an unlimited number with a regular ticket. In other words, buying tickets gives you access to an open bar. The party lasts a while, so be sure to pace yourself and fill up on some food beforehand.


Founded by the Italian Amati family in 1986, Cenacolo offers a passionate homage to Italy in each bite. Its menu is built around its handmade pasta, elaborate mixology, and renowned wine selection. The restaurant's 100 Wines Club was formed in order to collect the best of the best Mexican, Italian, and international wines, regardless of looks, vineyard, or price. The restaurant also has sommeliers on staff to ensure that each guest can craft their perfect pairing of food and drink.

Though diners are surrounded by windows offering views of the beaches of Cancún, an Italian sensibility permeates every dish. Cenacolo's Parmesan, grana padano, extra-virgin olive oil, and peeled tomato are all imported straight from Italy, and each detail-oriented dish is prepared in an open kitchen, and freshness and creativity are kings.

Tora Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Tora doesn't shy away from showing off the beauty of Cancun. Guests are treated to gorgeous ocean views in a minimalistic yet upscale setting that puts the focus on the modern Japanese cuisine dished up by the restaurant. The eatery is proud to curate a selection of top-tier ingredients, including Kaluga Queen caviar, Ōra King salmon, Tasmanian organic trout, hamachi, big eye tuna, and Kurobuta pork.

Tora's hot rice pot is one of the more popular dishes. The rice is paired with enoki, shiitake, eringui, and shimeji mushrooms and cooked up with a recipe that has been passed down by the chef's family for generations before being topped with shaved truffle. It also offers a refreshing sake and Japanese whisky collection along with a unique selection of cocktails that make it one of the best bars in Cancun.

Senor Frog's

Señor Frog's has proclaimed itself the most entertaining restaurant in Cancun's hotel zone, and with performers, table-side entertainment, and energetic servers, it's hard to beat in the party department. That said, it dishes up more than just a good time. Diners can snag staples such as guacamole, salsa, or quesadillas to start off a meal, and the full menu offers a dish to satisfy every stomach, from burritos to burgers.

Unsurprisingly, the desserts at Senor Frog's are also show-stopping, from the eight-slice brownie pizza to the famous churrocopter, where two churros are served as the propellor of a tiny wire helicopter. The restaurant also offers a full bar, with classic well drinks, party shots, frozen cocktails, and mocktails for all to sip.


Porfirio's seeks to serve the best contemporary Mexican cuisine that Cancun has to offer and has developed a menu that is sure to satisfy the whole family. Guests dine beachside under luxe chandeliers in the bright and airy dining room, creating an elegant and upscale vibe. The food has been shaped with a similar dedication to decadence.

Each dish, from the braised short rib to the flan, is beautifully crafted and presented. The restaurant also showcases a delicious array of seafood, offering a raw campechano ceviche, shrimp aguachile, salmon tiradito, and more. If you're craving something warmer, you can order tortilla soup or a Mexican beef broth. Porfiro's "Mexology" menu of drinks offers an extensive array of refreshing signature martinis and mocktails. Each drink is built around showing off local Mexican produce and spirits.

Restaurante La Habichuela

La Habichuela offers an intimate and cozy dinner spot for travelers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. This beloved restaurant has been around for more than 45 years and is also rooted in the history of Cancun and the Mayan culture. The interior features eye-catching Mayan statues, carvings, and other Yucatan-inspired decors. When it comes to the food, the menu is very straightforward and traditional, blending both Mexican and Caribbean flavors and recipes.

Start off with the mixed ceviche for something light and classic, or opt for the Caesar salad that is made table-side for dinner and show. Seafood lovers will find plenty of main course options ranging from the grouper in guava sauce to the braised and grilled squid. That said, the cocobichuela is an iconic staple that features a coconut stuffed with lobster and shrimp in a creamy curry sauce.

LA PUNTA Grill & Lounge

LA PUNTA Grill & Lounge offers a tiki-inspired dining experience with a lavish twist. The natural wood interior and neutral color palette immerse guests in a beachy interior that is far from tacky. While most places in Cancun are very casual, LA PUNTA does have a dress code, so be sure to dress appropriately and avoid beachwear. Also, children younger than 12 are not permitted at the restaurant, so expect a more adult-friendly experience.

The food menu is very seafood and meat-focused, though there are a few vegetarian options for plant-based diners. Whether you're visiting for lunch or dinner, the guacamole with Mexican sauce is a great starter that the whole table will love. The chocolate clams are a more unique appetizer, but seafood lovers will appreciate them.


The Mexican fusion fare at Navios pairs perfectly with the unique lagoon views. The restaurant is actually situated right on a dock, allowing you to get up close and personal with the surrounding nature. If you're looking for something extra romantic for a special celebration or evening, it doesn't get better than Navios. Like many other hotspots in Cancun, seafood is the focal point of the menu.

The marlin tostada is a smokey yet refreshing starter, while the tuna tostada is more of a traditional appetizer. For the main course, the saffron cream fettuccine is a filling and decadent option. However, if you're looking for something more protein-heavy, you can't go wrong with the surf and turf. Also, if you visit during the right season, be sure to order the sea conch carpaccio.

Diva Carne Brazilian Steakhouse

If you're looking to indulge in a buffet during your time in Cancun, Diva Carne Brazilian Steakhouse never disappoints. The dinner is served buffet-style, so be sure to come hungry. The high-quality meats pair perfectly with a nice bottle of red wine, and if you're not sure what variety to order, your server can point you in the right direction. The sword service offers a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to watch as your favorite meats are sliced to perfection right in front of you.

Other buffet items range from sushi to salads to high-end sausages. Though you might easily fill up on the first serving, you'll definitely want to go back for seconds. That said, save some room for dessert, as you'll be offered a variety of delicate pastries and delights to satisfy your sweet tooth.

El Oasis Marisco

Looking to enjoy a more casual and laid-back lunch or dinner in Cancun? El Oasis Marisco specializes in vibrant seafood dishes in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, giving guests a true taste of the beachside lifestyle. While the food is definitely worth exploring, El Oasis Marisco is famous for its cocktails, all of which have been created by a certified mixologist. Whether you're coming in for a full meal or apps and drinks, El Oasis Marisco caters to a variety of culinary needs.

There are several different kinds of ceviche on the menu, but the empanadas should not be ignored. From lobster tacos to a variety of carpaccios to signature specials like the grilled octopus, the menu at El Oasis Marisco centers around tons of local seafood.

Ilios Greek Estiatorio

Go from Cancun to Mykonos while dining at Ilios Greek Estiatorio. This Hotel Zone hotspot serves up innovative Greek dishes in an inviting and design-forward atmosphere. A massive tree-like structure serves as the centerpiece of the restaurant, and diners are able to sit and enjoy their meal under warm pendant lights in the spacious dining room. The availability of most menu items is dependent upon the season, allowing freshness and sustainability to reign supreme.

The menu starts off with traditional mezes ranging from hummus with pita bread dolmathes. Once you dive into the rest of the dinner menu, you'll find everything from grilled octopus to short rib kebabs. You can also choose from a huge selection of fresh seafood such as sea bass, grouper, red snapper, and more, all of which can either be fried or roasted on the grill or wood oven.

NI Restaurant

Located at the Nizuc Resort & Spa, NI Restaurant specializes in modern Peruvian cuisine. The tapas-style menu is ideal for sharing, making NI a solid spot to go with a big group before a spring break outing. The ocean views are breathtaking on the chic and rustic patio, allowing you to admire the surrounding nature while indulging in bright cocktails, elegant wines, and refreshing ceviches. Some of the more unique dishes include the kimchi salad with crispy shrimp, lobster ceviche, and trout tartare.

Though seafood remains at the forefront of the menu, there are also several vegetarian options. The cauliflower and lentils ceviche is a unique and vegan twist on Peru's most iconic recipe, while the vegetable quinoa is both bright and zesty. No matter what you order, be sure to save room for the butter pudding dessert.

Umami Cancun

Nothing beats sushi by the beach. Umami Cancun is a trendy and design-forward restaurant that serves up sushi in a sleek and Japanese-inspired setting. Whether you sit at a cozy table or at the shared sushi bar, Umami Cancun is one of the best spots for grabbing a light bite to eat before hitting the bars. From yakitori to a variety of refreshing rolls, Umami Cancun remains focused on the quality of its cuisine while still offering a very Instagram-worthy experience.

Though sake is most traditionally paired with sushi, Umami Cancun also makes a mean cocktail. Light dishes like the salmon carpaccio make for great starters. While the rolls are ideal for sharing, enjoying a wide array of nigiri is a solid option for those looking to experience the freshness and simplicity of the fish.


Nicoletta uses creativity and innovation to effortlessly fuse Mexican flavors and ingredients into Italian cuisine. In addition to Cancun, Nicoletta has a location in Playa del Carmen, making it a popular option for Italians in Mexico. The menu is intended to take patrons on a journey through Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean, and the restaurant is great for both romantic date nights and group outings.

The artichoke hearts and beef carpaccio start any meal off on the right foot, while the crispy calamari offers a nostalgic and classic experience. There are several different kinds of pasta to choose from, including a 25-layer lasagna, a giant meatball spaghetti, and a decadent gnocchi in aromatic sage butter. The Neapolitan-style pizzas are also great for sharing, and the grilled prawns are full of flavor.

Harry's Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar

If you catch a craving for surf and turf while in Cancun, head to Harry's Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar. The tropical-inspired setting makes for the ideal backdrop to a refreshing cocktail and quality cut of steak. Though the dining room is beautiful, the outdoor patio is more enticing for those looking to enjoy the wonderful weather and ocean breeze. Despite the fact that many head to Harry's for a fancy dinner, the restaurant also gets pretty lively thanks to the DJ that plays Tuesday through Saturday from 7 p.m. on.

Take in the immersive lagoon views as you sip on the Harry's Margarita and enjoy some oysters and tuna tataki as an appetizer. For the main course, steak is obviously the star of the show, with the Japanese Kobe being one of the best options. There is also a kid's menu if you're visiting with young children.

La Playita Bar

La Playita Bar has been a Cancun seafood staple for more than 13 years. It is located in the downtown area of Cancun and has a tropical yet casual atmosphere. This is a great spot to stop by for lunch or an early dinner in between activities. From octopus tacos to guacamole with shrimp, the dishes range from light to heavy, but all things seafood definitely serve as the focal point of the menu.

The ceviches and classic shrimp and seafood cocktails are perfect for sharing and pairing with a light cerveza. The aguachiles are another traditional favorite, but if you're looking for something more filling, the shrimp fettuccine is a rich and creamy pasta that you might not expect to find on the menu.

Al Sahar

Al Sahar is a transportive restaurant that blends Mexican and Mediterranean fare. The stunning pendants and light fixtures create an enticing ambiance that gets especially beautiful during sunset. This is a great spot to come for cocktails and appetizers before hitting the town, with many of the dishes intended to be shared. Guests are also able to enjoy live dance and musical performances, setting the scene for a lively night out in Cancun.

The cocktail menu features all of the classics ranging from Mai Tai's to Negronis, but you can also choose from a wide array of cervezas or sip on one of the many spirits straight. When it comes to food, the octopus guacamole is a unique and tasty starter for seafood lovers, while the beef carpaccio is light and full of flavor.