Sizzle Platters: The Versatile Pans Your Kitchen Is Missing

With so many kitchen tools and gadgets on the market, it's hard to determine before purchasing which ones will become an asset and which ones will end up as just another gizmo taking up space in your cupboards, drawers, and pantries. We're going to argue that sizzle platters are not only worth investing in, but also have more practical uses than you may have initially thought.

If you've ever dined out and ordered a flame-kissed saganaki or an order of sizzling steak fajitas, you've already had the pleasure of oohing and aahing at the marvels of these pans. Listening to the sound of foods still searing and watching as entrées cook and smoke before your very eyes, it's clear to see that sizzle platters (placed on heat-resistance underliners, of course) are the key to spectacular presentations. However, beyond the visual and auditory pleasure that they provide, these trays are also quite functional.

Designed to withstand and maintain an extreme level of heat, restaurants frequently use the oval-shaped sizzle platters to cook and keep individual orders warm. That said, given their modest size, you might want to consider introducing these pans into your own kitchen.

There's nothing you can't cook with a sizzle platter

Depending on the recipe (and the number of servings expected), a standard sheet pan might be too large of a cooking vessel. Instead, the much-smaller sizzle platter acts as a great substitute, especially when cooking for one. Ideal for petite portions, they can be thrown into the oven without a second thought, cooking anything from a single marinated chicken breast to a few florets of broccoli. Beyond broiling and roasting smaller servings of food, sizzle pans are also great when it comes to toasting a couple slices of bread or a handful of chopped nuts. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

While these metal pans are great serving vessels as they retain heat and prevent any juices from rolling off the sides thanks to their raised edges, they can also be useful when they aren't subject to heat. They can act as: serving trays for meals with several components, a clean surface for staging meal prep, or even a jumbo-sized spoon rest next to the stovetop. 

Last but not least, seeing as how slender and easy to stack they are, these versatile pans take up only a fraction of the space in your kitchen cupboard. They're also a breeze to clean in comparison to a bigger and bulkier sheet pan and fit into even the smallest dishwashers.