Restaurant Tools Every Home Cook Needs

Get through a dinner service (even if it's just for your family) with ease

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Maybe it's because we binge-watched one too many Chef's Table episodes or read Kitchen Confidential: The thought of working in a professional kitchen—even just for a day—crosses our minds at least once a week

But if a 14-hour shift (and the cuts and burns that come with being a line cook) isn't your idea of a leisurely workday, thankfully, you can still bring home some of the tools pros swear by to make it through a dinner service of your own. Here are nine restaurant tools you can bring into your own kitchen that will have you cooking—or at least, pretending to cook—like a real top chef.

Victorinox Chef's Knife

It doesn't have flashy, patterned steel or Japanese characters adorning the hilt, but think of this all-around blade as the Toyota Camry of knives: It's an inexpensive, reliable favorite that will get the job done, no matter how much you abuse it., $45

Deli Cups

OK, you might recognize them as the staple of your delivery orders, but these humble plastic containers are surprisingly the lifeblood of any back-of-house kitchen. Though they come in sizes ranging from half a pint to a full quart, a one-size-fits-all lid means you can finally rid your cabinet of its crumbling Tupperware wall. Their small (and stackable) footprint means they take up only a coffee mug's worth of space in your fridge., $18 for a 24-pack

Sizzle Platters

Toasting a handful of nuts, broiling cod for one or making a late-night serving of chicken tenders shouldn't involve busting out a full-size sheet pan. These tapered, single-serving metal platters are perfect for small kitchen tasks and are durable (and cheap) enough that they still hold up if you leave your croque monsieur under the broiler a little too long., $11 apiece

Squeeze Bottle

Ideal for pouring the perfect drizzle of olive oil—without accidentally dumping the entire liter—a squeeze bottle is also the perfect tool for when you finally upgrade your plating game. Sometimes, a Jackson Pollock squiggle of chocolate ganache really is the only way to eat a crepe., $4


When you need something larger than a deli container, turn to these near-bulletproof storage containers. Ranging in sizes that will hold everything from a batch of lemon curd to an entire 20-pound turkey (brine and all), they are also ideal for storing everyday pantry essentials like flour and sugar., $27 for three two-quart containers


For the most velvety custards and smoothest puréed soups that will ever grace your dinner spoon, turn to this extra-fine-mesh strainer. Sturdy metal handles help it seamlessly nestle over your bowl or pot., $75

Painter's Tape & Sharpie

Many a chef has professed an undying love (and obsession) for these tools that don't even involve cooking. But once your entire fridge and pantry is appropriately dated and labeled to an Alton Brown level of fastidiousness, you'll never fall victim to that mystery container of old egg whites again., $10 for one roll, $5 for 12 markers

Crumb Scraper

Will it change the way you cook? Not so much. But this waiter's tool will definitely impress guests the next time you sweep the tablecloth at your formal dinner party., $5