Why You Should Sprinkle A Little Salt On Candy

Candy brings out the kid in all of us. Whether you are a fan of something creamy and chocolaty like Reese's peanut butter cups, sugary and chewy like Laffy Taffy, or hard candy like lollipops, Lemon Heads, or LifeSavers, there is a candy to meet your taste buds' desire. It's estimated that in between sipping on our green juices and avocado toast, Americans are eating about 8 pounds of candy each year, per My Twin Tiers. Perhaps, a large portion of the candy consumption happens when we steal our kids' Halloween candy haul or when we pick out our favorite chocolates from those Valentine boxes. It doesn't really matter because the bottom line is we love it.

But do you know how to make candy taste even better? Of course, that question has to be blasphemous because candy is beautiful and perfect, without the need for amelioration; However, there is a hack to enhance expensive chocolate's flavor while making cheap candy taste expensive. And what you are going to love about this ingredient is you already have it in your pantry: salt

Salt is the mother of all seasonings and when you add this ingredient to your favorite candy, you are creating a masterpiece that is more delicious than a Rembrandt still life.

Texture and taste

Salt is the true superstar in a culinary arsenal with a legacy and history that stretches back to ancient Egypt where it was used as a preservative. This ingredient can transform and cure the flavor of just about anything you cook, bake, or make, including candy. Saltwater taffy would not be the same without a little salt nor would those lovely fleur de sel chocolates or any candy that uses creamy peanut butter and silky caramel.

The concept of salted chocolates or caramels is not new. It feeds the yin and yang of our need for savory and sweetness. Salt can also bring out and heighten those sugary flavors and make them more intense. This speaks to why so many baked goods and desserts we love require that pinch of salt. Additionally, if you have a candy that is excessively sweet, a little sprinkle of salt can help balance it out, allowing you even more enjoyment. But the flavor is not the only benefit of salting candy; It also adds texture. If you want to add a crunchy element to your candy, sea salt or some other coarse salt of your choice can really change the whole candy experience.