New Trader Joe's Products We're Looking Forward To For Spring 2023

From frozen pizzas and appetizers to killer wines at under $10 per bottle, Trader Joe's fans know that when they step into their local store, they're likely to find a new product or two somewhere on the shelves. The organic grocer is famous for its ever-rotating lineup of seasonal items — and TJ's just announced its latest lineup. Fans, this is your formal invitation to get excited. In the most recent episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast, hosts gave fans a peek at all the new products coming to stores in spring 2023, and (spoiler alert) it's a long list. Some are returning favorites that longtime TJ's fans might recognize; other products are totally new, hitting shelves for the first time ever within the next few weeks (or, for some products, in a matter of days).

In the beverage department, Spicy Mango Lemonade, Organic Cold Brew Black Tea Concentrate, and Jalapeno Limeade are all coming back, scheduled to hit shelves in mid to late April. For TJ's foodies with a sweet tooth, the Portuguese Custard Tarts, Chocolate Mousse Eggs, and Coffee Bean "Hold The Cone" will all be making a return, as well. The "new-ish" Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage was introduced last Fall but is becoming super fitting for consumers as grilling season draws closer. But this is just the comeback crew. What all-new products can consumers expect to see from the spring 2023 seasonal item drop?

Coffee and Dark Chocolate Joe-Joe's Cookie

Kicking off Trader Joe's new seasonal grocery item roundup is the Coffee and Dark Chocolate Joe-Joe's Cookie. These decadent, luxurious sweets are dipped in chocolate, filled with cream, and drizzled with a coffee-vanilla-flavored icing. These bad boys are sold in boxes of eight, which emit a strong coffee aroma as soon as it's opened. Not too sweet yet still not in the "savory" realm, these mild cookies are perfect as an afternoon treat alongside a shot of espresso, and they've already hit shelves in certain stores.

Chromatic Celebration Cake and Baking Mix

It looks like TJ's is in the spirit of celebrating (and, with sunny spring days on their way, the spirit is infectious). This new Chromatic Celebration Cake and Baking Mix has arrived just in time for every birthday, milestone, or "just because" party on your schedule this season. The cake mix comes with a buttercream frosting mix and a packet of rainbow sprinkles for decorating. All home bakers need to add are oil, eggs, and butter to create a festive sheet cake or a dozen cupcakes. To make the frosting mix, just add softened butter and whip into peaks.

Bananas Bananas Candy

This new product has hit select store shelves nationwide, and fans are already going "bananas" for it. TJ's Bananas Bananas Candy is made from chocolate-covered banana pulp and filled with cacao nibs for a lightly crunchy, chewy texture. The chocolate-banana flavor explosion is perfect for keeping little hands occupied during grocery store trips or for satisfying adult sweet tooths. Instagram fan account @traderjoeslist says the first sensory note (an almost overwhelming wave of banana aroma) might come off as a little strong at first, but don't let it scare you off. In true banana fashion, the candy offers a balanced, mild flavor. 

Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies

Sweet meets tart in these Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies. Thanks to the pocket of buttery crust, "hand pies" are as ultra-portable as their name implies, no utensils required. You can warm 'em up in a toaster oven or air fryer, or for foodies on the go, simply enjoy them straight out of the box. This new Blueberry & Lemon variety was created by the same TJ's bakers behind the seasonal Apple Pumpkin Hand Pies fans might remember from last fall.

Other products we think sound exciting but haven't yet been spotted on shelves

The Mini Almost Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers with Cream Cheese are sure to wow fans ... once they finally hit shelves, that is. Trader Joe's podcast host Tara Miller describes the snack as "an everything bagel with cream cheese, but lots of them in a little bag." What's the "almost" part of the product name mean? Unlike the iconic TJ's Bagel seasoning that inspired the snack, these crackers are missing one key ingredient: sesame seeds. In the podcast episode, the TJ's crew explains that the omission was deliberate in order to make the snack more allergy-friendly, an elevated alternative to TJ's pre-existing Everything but the Bagel Seasoned Crackers.

The new Vanilla Cardona Goat's Milk Cheese continues Trader Joe's fromage foray into the world of dessert cheeses. (Fans of the Baked Lemon Ricotta and Blueberry Vanilla Chevre, we're looking at you.) This newest vanilla variation is a hard goat's cheese, unlike the spreadable log many consumers probably think of when they hear "goat cheese." Plus, it's rubbed with a layer of vanilla sugar for sweetness.

Joining the Vanilla and Chocolate Mini Sheet Cakes in the bakery section will be the all-new Lemon Mini Sheet Cake. The dessert boasts a sweet Meyer lemon flavor and is topped with lemon cream cheese frosting and candied lemon zest. Foodies will have to keep their eyes peeled to see when these anticipated new seasonal products finally "spring" up in stores.