Trader Joe's To Debut New Everything Bagel Innovation This Spring

When did the obsession for everything bagel begin? The most popular bagel flavor in New York City, according to a 2021 GrubHub study, per Time Out, and an unofficial star in the Oscar winning-film "Everything Everywhere All at Once," the everything bagel has controversial origins. While it's not quite clear who first invented it, Trader Joe's has cornered the market with everything bagel products.

Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning blend has long been one of its top fan-favorite products and has helped drive the grocery store chain to launch a whole series of everything bagel-flavored products, including Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Crackers and Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo with Almonds and Cashews. 

There seems to be no limit to our appetite for the dried onion, garlic, sesame seed, and sea salt-packed seasoning. And perhaps unsurprisingly, Trader Joe's is preparing for the release of an all-new bagel-based snack that will surely speak to the everything enthusiasts out there.

The new, crunchy take on the everything bagel

Enter Mini Almost Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers with Cream Cheese Filling. These savory sandwich crackers were recently unveiled on the Trader Joe's podcast, "Inside Trader Joe's," where the hosts described them as having a touch of sweetness in the cream cheese filling. "They're little crackers, they're obviously round like a bagel, and they have a little hole in the middle like a bagel, and they're just very, very, very cute," Tara Miller, Trader Joe's Vice President of Marketing, explains.

The novelty sandwich crackers should be hitting Trader Joe's stores this spring, just in time to usher in a new age of everything bagel-flavored fandom. While it may not eclipse the popularity of the original seasoning blend, this will surely be a cult favorite in no time. 

Paired with slices of smoked salmon and gherkin pickles, the sandwich crackers can have the makings of a small-scale brunch snacking session. After all, if you can have breakfast for dinner, why can't you have brunch for a snack?