Padma Lakshmi's Go-To Breakfast Includes Spicy Maple Syrup

Padma Lakshmi, "Top Chef" and "Taste of the Nation" host, takes her food quite seriously. She has traveled near and far and eaten dishes prepared by some of the world's best chefs. Lakshmi has also shared her own take on global cuisine through two cookbooks of her own — "Easy Exotic" and "Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet." She even wrote a children's book, "Tomatoes for Neela," which reflects her passion for both food and family.

The famous foodie is equally committed to her health. When she can, she works out at least five times a week — and each session lasts 90 minutes (via Women's Health). Jumping rope is one of her go-to cardio moves, and she practices Pilates as well. But before she exercises, Lakshmi likes to fuel up with breakfast. Her overall food philosophy is to focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables in balance with her protein and carb intake. This approach to food is clearly reflected in one of Lakshmi's favorite breakfasts.

Maple syrup gives Lakshmi's breakfast a boost

In the morning, Lakshmi can often be found enjoying a cup of masala chai – the first of many cups she will drink during the day. She then eats sliced or chopped papaya with dahi, an Indian yogurt, which she jazzes up with a dash of cinnamon and a bit of spicy maple syrup. "I have to eat in the morning before my workout because I won't make it through my workout if I don't," Lakshmi explained to EatingWell.

Maple syrup appears to be one of Lakshmi's favorite sweeteners. She loves to use it when roasting vegetables such as carrots. In fact, she even told The Guardian that she would like to have sweet potatoes cooked with butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup as part of her last meal. Due to a family history of diabetes, Lakshmi is mindful about what she eats. This may possibly be one of the reasons why she likes maple syrup so much; it has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.