How Ree Drummond Gives Sliders An Everything Bagel Flavor Boost

The everything but the bagel seasoning blend is one of the most savory and delicious concoctions that will ever pass your lips. It is the perfect ratio of white and black sesame seeds, dried minced garlic and onion, sea salt flakes, and poppy seeds. The origins of this seasoning, made popular by the bagel it is named for, may not be as clear as its delicious taste, but it has inspired the likes of Trader Joe's and Einstein Bros. to bottle it up and sell it for use well beyond boiled dough. 

It's perfect to sprinkle on your avocado toast, to add a new dimension of flavor to your favorite grilled cheese, or to turn your tub of popcorn into a gourmet flavor. Everything but the bagel seasoning is the secret weapon you pull out of your spice cabinet when you want to really change up the flavor of a dish or even a martini. This special blend has been a sweet muse for the likes of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream flavor "Everything Bagel," and has turned celebrities like Mila Kunis and Ree Drummond into fans. It's intoxicating. In fact, Drummond enjoys the taste of everything but the bagel seasoning so much she has found a way to incorporate it into her sliders.

Sprinkle it on your rolls

Everything but the bagel seasoning is truly versatile and the Pioneer Woman's use of this mixture is yet another trick to add to your culinary arsenal. In a video shared by Food Network on Instagram, Ree Drummond shared her recipe for her husband's favorite chicken and bacon sliders — and what sets Drummond's sliders apart from the rest is how she spruces up her sweet Hawaiian slider rolls. 

Drummond revealed that she brushes melted butter on the top of her rolls and then gives them a few shakes of her favorite brand of everything but the bagel seasoning before popping them in the oven to get them nice and toasty. This addition provides your taste buds the perfect combo of sweet and savory. But this isn't the only slider recipe where you can use this seasoning. Try it with ham and cheese sliders or even on your favorite breakfast sandwich slider. 

While Drummond uses a pre-made version of this seasoning, you can always mix-up a homemade version of everything but the bagel season from ingredients you have in your spice cabinet.