The Everything Bagel Martini Packs A Dirty Punch

The everything bagel has long been a New York favorite, acknowledges Time Out, yet the savory, crunchy topping has taken on a life of its own. Though the exact origins of the everything bagel are controversial, love for the seasoning is uncontested. Since Trader Joe's unleashed the Everything But The Bagel: Sesame Seasoning Blend into the universe in 2017, the crunchy, savory spice has invaded professional kitchens and has found its way into a variety of at-home recipes (via Forbes).

Before the mix of sesame and poppy seeds, dried onion and garlic flakes, and crunchy salt could be purchased in pre-packaged shakers, it was an ingredient found only on top of bagels, reports The Takeout. Now, Taste of Home acknowledges you can find the blend of seeds and spices folded into eggs, added to bread dough, sprinkled onto fries and salads, and folded into mac and cheese recipes. And thanks to one entrepreneurial establishment in Las Vegas, now on the rims of martini glasses.

A flavorful dirty martini

At the Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas, Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules is serving up an eclectic drink menu. Featured on the intriguing list of cocktails is The Le Dirty Bleu, a dirty gin martini flavored with everything bagel spice and extra garnish. The Kitchn notes olives stuffed with blue cheese then skewered by rosemary twigs add an herbal flavor to the drink, but it's really that touch of crushed onion and garlic along the glass rim that acts as the beverage's star.

To assemble your own version at home, mix 3 ounces of gin and add olive juice to suit your own preferred level of dirty. Rinse the martini glass with half an ounce of dry vermouth and use simple syrup to rim the glass before twisting it into a dish filled with everything bagel spice. If you have yet to buy this spice for yourself, you can make your own everything bagel blend at home, even customizing it to suit your own tastes. For the full effect, stuff olives with blue cheese and add rosemary to your finished drink to make Vanderpump proud.