Philadelphia's Chocolate-Covered Onion Started As A Punchline

There certainly has been no shortage of questionable yet delicious chocolate-covered foods increasing in popularity in recent years. On the tamer side, chocolate-covered potato chips may now seem like an obvious combination, as chocolate-covered pretzels have long been a snacking staple. But these chips, once a rare confectionery sight, have since become available in big-box stores. Similarly, chocolate-covered bacon has been seen as a weirder, trendy appetizer. And more controversial pairings may include coating pickles, avocados, and some cheeses in the sweet stuff. While many may object to these more uncommon matches, in the end, most can agree that these culinary outliers have ended up wowing our taste buds. It may seem like the sweet and salty combination could never fail us, but a uniquely Philadelphian food has us questioning.

Philly is known to be a must-visit foodie destination, with everything from cheesesteaks to soft pretzels to hoagies to water ice. However, the city is also known for chocolate-covered onions, and people actually eat them — even if only for the novelty.

From a comedic stunt to a culinary legend

If you're a fan of strange food combinations, Philly is definitely a city to visit, even if just for their chocolate-covered onion alone. For only $5, you can grab one of these iconic foods for someone "Sweet on the outside but nasty on the inside," as is marketed by its inventors, Mueller's Chocolate.

Mueller's Chocolate is the home of this bizarre treat, but they didn't create it for the flavor combination. In the early '80s, comedian Bob Nelson was filming a TV show across the street called "Double Muppets Hold the Onions." It was at Nelson's request that the shop create the now-infamous chocolate-covered onion as a prop for him. The onions were to be used in the show's opening scene when a hand clutching a bouquet of onions would break through the title card.

Meuller's has been selling this unique creation ever since, but it became a viral sensation in 2012 when it was featured on an episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods.

Meuller's has been family owned and operated since 1980, and they are known for other equally humorous confections. They sell chocolate body parts, including ears and hearts, and circular disks made to look like aspirin. While the chocolate-covered onion may be a better gag gift than a treat to try, make sure to add stopping at Meuller's on your Philly itinerary for a truly one-of-a-kind Pennsylvania experience.