13 Savory Dippers You Should Try With Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate sits in a dessert category of its own, which is highlighted by the fact that, per Statista, the average American consumes around 20 pounds of the stuff each year. There's no shortage of ways to eat the cacao-based treat, whether you enjoy munching on bars, popping Lindt Lindor truffles, sipping on a warm cup of cocoa, or savoring a scoop of ice cream. But one of our favorite ways to enjoy chocolate is via fondue. Although it's often limited to special occasions, there's no reason why a bubbling pot of the sweet treat shouldn't be on the menu more regularly.

Dipping assorted foods into a chocolate bath instantly turns your dining experience into a chocoholic's dream. Whether you're eating the coated bites as chocolate dribbles down your chin or letting it chill and set for a portable treat, there's no denying that chocolate-coated food is a step up. Fruits are often the go-to dippable items for fondue, but it's no secret that sweet and salty flavors pair well together, awakening your palate with contrasting rich and savory tastes in each bite. If you're looking to vary the sweet-on-sweet flavors, consider trying one of these savory dippers the next time you're melting chocolate for fondue.


If you're feeling a bit tentative about exploring savory and sweet pairings, pretzels are a gentle introduction. They find their way into trail mixes, paired with M&M's, and as a crunchy surprise in various baked goods. But there's nothing quite like a freshly dipped pretzel, still dripping from the warm chocolate mixture. Try the salty snacks with dark, milk, or white chocolate for a balanced treat that has just the right amount of crunch.

If you're planning to let the chocolate set, try adding ingredients such as sprinkles, coconut flakes, or cinnamon powder to the wet surface. Pretzels come salted and unsalted, and we recommend opting for the salted variety for the ultimate sweet and savory combination. Each salt crystal will improve the balance of taste, subduing any bitterness from dark chocolate and adding more complexity to sweeter milk varieties. Use pretzel knots or small sticks, or pick up a pack of pretzel rods for a satisfying snack that ticks all of the boxes your palate desires.

Potato chips

A bag of chips is a pretty great snack if you ask us — crispy, salty, and endlessly palatable. While the selection of powdered flavorings added to enhance the taste of the humble potato is vast, there aren't too many offerings that veer into sweeter territories. The reasons that make salt and chocolate a great match (balance, contrast, enhanced flavor, and texture) are further amplified by the extra starch and crunch from chips.

To avoid getting too carried away with combinations, you might want to start with basic sea salt chips. A ruffled texture offers more nooks and crannies to soak up the chocolate, while ordinary chips guarantee a smooth dipping surface — there's no wrong choice here. As for the chocolate, dark varieties will provide a sharper contrast to the salt, whereas sweeter milk types will be a subtler match.

Though it's not so common to find chocolate-covered chips in stores, the Grimaldi Candy Company prides itself on being home to the first ever "chips 'n chocolate" combo. Whether or not it's the case, there's nothing stopping you from making the tasty treat on the regular at home. Just melt some chocolate in a fondue bowl and get dipping.


Is there anything bacon doesn't enhance? It's hard to determine whether the chocolate tastes better because of the bacon or vice versa, but either way, all you have to know is that this pairing is a must-try for lovers of both foods. Though it might require making a slightly larger leap than combining other savory ingredients with chocolate, you'll soon realize what the fuss is about.

Sweet, salty, and smoky flavors are all present with this duo, satisfying just about any craving and making it a staple you won't want to leave off the fondue table. With the wide assortment of wood used to smoke bacon and the various types of chocolate, there's no end to the experimentation.

For easier dipping and a gratifying crunch, whip up a batch of extra-crispy bacon. Place the strips on a wire rack over a baking sheet so the grease drains and bake them at high heat. The crispy strips will be sturdier and more conveniently dippable, allowing you to savor the tantalizing flavor combination with zero mess.

Beef jerky

If you salivate more readily at the sight of bovine than porcine meat,  beef jerky is the way to go. The chewy savory snack comes in a range of flavor profiles, offering smoky, spicy, sweet, and tangy tastes to liven up your fondue night. We love using jerky for this purpose because it comes in an optimal format that's ready for dipping. Sturdy enough and conveniently shaped, you won't need to use any additional utensils to ensure each piece is covered in chocolate.

Given the assorted seasonings you're sure to find in your supermarket's jerky selection, it's worth choosing your chocolate in consequence. For example, if you opt for spicy meat, dipping it in sweeter milk chocolate will tame some of the heat. Dark chocolate will add further complexity to smoked varieties, whereas you might want to try white chocolate to go with a lime-seasoned style. Be sure to taste the chocolate-dipped jerky right away, but don't forget to set some aside to harden for the perfect snack at any time.


Hear us out: This isn't exactly a classic or intuitive pairing, but sometimes tastebuds are unpredictable and seek novel flavors. This duo is likely to be one of the more divisive suggestions in our list, and it goes without saying that you definitely have to be a pickle lover to even consider dipping the sour gherkins in chocolate. Aside from the highly contrasting flavors, tasters will need to overcome the textural leap. Crunchy wet pickles just aren't really the first consistency you would imagine with warm melted chocolate. To minimize the opposition, sliced pickle discs make for a smoother bite.

The type of pickle you use will definitely make a difference here. We don't recommend choosing garlic-flavored or heavily dill-seasoned pickles, just a simple gherkin will do. And if you want to take it slow, you could try dipping small sweet pickles in chocolate to start. If you discover a new favorite duo, chances are you won't have too much competition at the table.


If you're on board with chocolate-covered potato chips, this spud-based option is sure to wow you as well. Much like chips, fries are loaded with the perfect balance of starch, fat, and salt. However, unlike their crunchy counterparts, fries offer a more layered textural sensation. The crispy exterior conceals the fluffy interior, mingling in every bite. If you have fond memories (however recent) of dipping hot fries into a cool milkshake, you're well on the way to loving this pairing.

If you're still skeptical, start with sweet potato fries to ease your way into this combo. The rich quasi-caramelized flavor of the crispy orange tubers makes a natural pairing for chocolate. Fries are especially convenient as they are pretty much designed to be dipped — ketchup or chocolate, it's your call. This contrasting combination was even featured on the McDonald's menu in Japan back in 2016. The fast-food chain offered customers squeezable white and double chocolate sauce packets to accompany their fries, aptly naming the dish the McChoco Potato.


What doesn't taste delicious alongside a big bowl of popcorn? The airy treat is the ideal backdrop for countless seasonings. Obviously, you could munch on the buttery snack or add powdered cheese for extra tang and be satisfied. But if you're in the mood for a sweet treat, there's more on the menu than caramel corn. Dark, milk, or white chocolate are all fine choices here, and if you want to go the extra mile, you could very well dip caramel corn in chocolate.

Popcorn kernels might not be ideally suited for dipping, but if you've got your own bowl of melted chocolate it's perfectly doable — your fingers might just get a bit messy. Alternatively, use a spoon or simply turn the dip into a drizzle and coat your bowl of popcorn with chocolate goodness. Another option is to dump all of the kernels into a big saucepan filled with melted chocolate for the ultimate treat. While the pairing is delicious when it's warm and gooey, letting the chocolate harden makes for an equally tasty and far more portable snack.


Yes, it might feel like avocado shows up everywhere, but that shouldn't be a reason to dismiss this delectable duo. Before you scoff at the idea of pairing your favorite guacamole ingredient and sidekick for fried eggs with chocolate, it's worth noting that avocado is technically a fruit. So if you have no reservations about pairing fruit with chips and onions, it shouldn't be an issue to dip slices of avocado in chocolate fondue. Furthermore, the creamy green fruit is a key component of many vegan desserts, including chocolate mousse. Avocados may have a subtle taste but their smooth texture adds plenty of richness, which makes for a seamless transition with chocolate.

For optimal results, your avocado should be ripe while still relatively firm, or else you will find yourself scooping it out of the bowl of melted chocolate as it falls apart. Dip peeled chunks or use the hole in the middle to turn your avocado into a chocolate boat. Eat it immediately or chill until the chocolate hardens for a creamy treat. If you need another reason to consider the pairing, note that the Aztecs thought of the fruit as an aphrodisiac, a characteristic they also attributed to chocolate— who knows what will come from the combination!

Roasted coffee beans

If you enjoy a mocha latte or coffee-flavored desserts, you'll definitely want to try this bittersweet combination. For optimal taste and consistency, roasted coffee beans are your best bet. In their raw state, the beans are more acidic and aren't especially crunchy or pleasant to chew. However, dark roasted beans in particular offer a more satisfying bite, as well as a richer coffee flavor that pairs exceptionally well with the complexities of chocolate.

That being said, you're still dealing with a bitter taste so you may want to choose a sweeter dark or milk chocolate to balance it out. To facilitate the process of dipping individual coffee beans in melted chocolate, scoop some in a spoon and lower it into the bowl. Then, either eat them right up or transfer the coated beans to a piece of parchment paper to let the chocolate set. You'll want to keep in mind that this snack packs quite the caffeine punch. Eating too many chocolate-covered coffee beans will make you extra jittery and might cause digestive discomfort.

Rice cakes

If you're under the impression that rice cakes are just a bland diet snack, think again. The airy cakes are the ideal setting for countless flavor combinations, offering texture without much flavor or excess mass. You'll want to stick with rice crackers that are plain or seasoned with sea salt for your chocolate fondue night. If you want to introduce more flavor and texture, add sprinkles or coconut flakes to the wet chocolate.

Given the light nature of the snack, go ahead and munch on the whole thing dipped in chocolate. Alternatively, break the cakes up into a smaller size that is easy to hold, dip, and pop into your mouth. Since rice cakes go stale if they're sitting out for a while, you're best off eating this treat shortly after coating it with chocolate ― it'll be tempting enough! Not to mention, if you want the chocolate to form a hardened shell, Trader Joe's makes exactly that product. No one's selling rice cakes dripping with melted chocolate though, so take advantage of fondue night to enjoy this sweet treat.


If you want a crunchy and savory snack that isn't fried in oil, crackers make a solid contender. For starters, they come in a wide range of varieties that will satisfy your every craving. Gluten-free? Try rice crackers. Looking for something light and airy? Try a water cracker. In search of a rich and dense snack? Butter crackers it is. If ever there was a reason to always have a box of crackers in your pantry, this is it.  

Ritz was successful with its limited edition fudge-covered crackers, but for the freshest option, you'll definitely want to dip your own and enjoy them immediately. Salted crackers are a good choice because of the contrasting match between sweet and salty flavors. Any type of chocolate will be a hit here, whether you prefer bitter or milky sweet options. Remember, salt will make the bitter taste sweeter so you have some leeway with the cacao percentage. For the ultimate fondue setup, be sure to have a varied selection of shapes, sizes, and consistencies to please all palates.


The delicious duo of nuts and chocolate doesn't need an introduction. Take your pick from the vast assortment of options including peanuts, almonds, macadamias, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews ... the list goes on. An assortment is always a good idea, so to simplify the process of building up your fondue spread, go ahead and purchase a bag of mixed nuts for ease. If you want to maximize their healthy qualities, choose raw nuts, but for added flavor and a richer texture, roasted is the way to go. Additionally, consider getting salted nuts to heighten the contrasting flavors with the sweet chocolate.

Any type of chocolate will make a perfect match for nuts, it's just a matter of preference. Much like coffee beans, popcorn, and other tiny bite-sized foods, it's a little tricky to dip each nut into the saucepan of melted chocolate. Using a spoon to lower them into the gooey stuff is a good option, or else drizzle a spoonful of chocolate over some nuts on your plate or over parchment paper. Either way, the result will be the same: the unctuous and crunchy delight of chocolate-coated nuts.


If you're not yet versed in the unique world of cheese and chocolate pairings, the duo might come across as a mismatch. Then again, if you consider the existence of chocolate cheesecake or the fact that cheese is just another stage of milk, the union seems completely natural. Not to mention, a Colombian drink specialty of hot chocolate with cheese is enjoyed nationwide, so there has to be something appealing about it! Locally, a double-cream cheese is used, but substitutions recommend buffalo mozzarella. Creamy and mildly flavored, the cheese provides an excellent textural pairing dipped in warm melted chocolate.

It doesn't stop there though. Many cheese and chocolate lovers keenly experiment with the pairing and offer recommendations such as looking for complementary or contrasting flavor profiles in the two elements. A tangier blue cheese might fare well with dark chocolate, whereas nuttier aged cheeses such as Gouda could do with some sweeter aromas from a milk variety. A sharp cheddar makes a great match for bitter chocolate, which could work equally well with rich creamier cheeses such as Brie. Avoid overly crumbly cheeses unless it's a solo fondue experience, and be sure to slice the cheese in bite-sized pieces for easy consumption.