An Ice Cube Can Take Your Salad Dressing From Good To Great

Endlessly versatile, salads are an easy and delicious way to load up on your favorite veggies, proteins, and yes, even pastas. They can serve as the star of your meal or as a complementary side dish, and they're always sure to leave you satisfied. And while it may be what's on the inside that counts, we can't forget the final touch: the perfect salad dressing.

A good dressing can make or break your salad. There are plenty of store-bought options to choose from, but they can end up being pricey and are oftentimes packed with additives and preservatives, as well as higher sugar and sodium levels than you would like. Making your own at home can be a surprisingly simple alternative. Not only is this option budget-friendly, it can also ensure optimal freshness and taste.

Whether you choose to whip up a classic vinaigrette or an herby green goddess, your DIY dressing can be made even better with a chef-approved tip featuring one ingredient you're guaranteed to find in almost every kitchen.

Ice cubes can make your dressing thicker and silkier

An ice cube is all you need to take your homemade dressing to the next level. A common hack used in professional kitchens, adding an ice cube to your mixture results in a thicker and silkier dressing that makes for a restaurant-quality salad. If you've been wondering why your own blends just don't seem up to par, this is probably the trick you've been missing.

When mixing your ingredients in a blender, throwing in an ice cube or two quickly lowers the temperature. The cold allows your combined ingredients, from oil and vinegar to lemon juice and herbs, to bind better and thicken. The ice also helps to emulsify the mixture and prevent the liquids from separating, or "breaking," when served. You can also use this tip if you're shaking up your dressing rather than blending it. Simply put some ice in the sealed container before giving the mix a good shake, and scoop it out before pouring over your salad. Broken dressings, begone!