The Freezer Tip For More Tender Fried Steak

Attempting to cook an expensive steak can be high stakes if you don't have a lot of red-meat handling experience. Fortunately, there are a lot of tips from chefs on how to cook the perfect steak floating around, but different cuts of beef are not the same and thus need to be treated accordingly.

A porterhouse cut, similar to the t-bone, is a thick, flavorful, and tender cut, which averages around 20 to 25 dollars per pound. This means that if you're cooking up steak for a dinner party of eight guests, you're looking at around over a hundred dollars of steak — which means it's crucial to get the meat done right. One surefire way to get your steak sizzling and tender is to freeze it before frying it up. And by freezing, we don't mean buying it in bulk and freezing it to save money though you'll actually thaw it for cooking. We mean intentionally freezing it as part of the cooking process. Here's why this method will make your steak tastier than ever before.

Chill, freeze, and then double-fry your steak

Any fool can make perfectly cook a porterhouse steak. It's time intensive since it requires at least a full day of resting in the refrigerator after scoring and seasoning your meat and then another four to six hours in the freezer. Don't worry about freezer burn, the ice crystals in this eight-step process actually make the meat more tender, especially since it'll go straight into a deep-fry from the icy cold. Plus science supports this method; one study from Kansas State University found that certain cuts were up to 10% more tender post-freezer session. After you fry it once, you'll baste and roast it, and then fry it again before a final resting period of ten minutes.

So there you have it! It's easier than you'd think to get a super tender steak. All you need for a perfect steak is a freezer and a whole lot of patience.