18 Best Celebrity Coffee Brands

When it comes to celebrity brands, it's not hard to envision luxury items like clothing, scents, accessories, and even restaurants being part of a celeb's portfolio. It might surprise you to know some of the best coffee brands around the world are celebrity owned.

Of course, for some of these celebrities, the coffee is just an extension of their brand and a way to diversify their assets. For others, their interest is buoyed by a genuine love of quality java and its production, so much so that they've also launched cafe chains around their personal blends. Then, there are the celebrities who wish to leverage their love of coffee into some form of charitable pursuit.

Whatever the reason, celebrities have elbowed their way into the world of coffee culture and cafes, and some of the coffee brands they have to offer actually belong in the best coffee shops across the U.S. for your morning cup of joe. Here are some celebrity coffee brands.

Ralph's Coffee - Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion icon whose sense of style has long since extended beyond the boutique. In terms of food and beverage, his meticulous eye for design paved the way for designer eateries by being one of the few fashion houses in the 1990s to launch a restaurant with food as coveted as the reservation. It's perhaps only natural that a creative powerhouse like Lauren would eventually turn to coffee as another outlet to express his creativity.

Philly-based coffee roaster La Colombe partnered with Lauren to create three different blends of organic coffee sourced from farms in Africa, and Central as well as South America. Ralph's Roast is a bold drip coffee with beans coming from Central and South America. The decaf blend, although lacking in caffeine, lacks nothing in velvety flavor. The main event for espresso lovers would be Ralph's Espresso, with a rich, slightly herbaceous flavor. Best of all, all the coffee blends are sourced with ecological sustainability in mind.

Lyon Coffee - Leonardo DiCaprio

Segueing off the sustainable theme, Leonardo DiCaprio's Lyon is also a coffee partnership between a celebrity and La Colombe with an eco-conscious bent. The signature coffee beans from Lyon were originally launched in 2012, with the intention of donating all profits towards environmental protection and disaster relief through DiCaprio's Foundation. Sourced from relatively similar locales to the aforementioned brand, Lyon is donating $2 from the sale of every package to the ACLU between November 3, 2022, and November 2, 2023, until it hits a minimum and maximum donation of $200,000.

The coffee itself has sweet notes of chocolate with a hint of roasted candied nuts on the palate. A well-balanced medium roast, it's perfect for an early morning easy sip with little in the way of acidity or astringency.

Marley Coffee - Rohan Marley

According to The Manual, Rohan Marley chose a different path than his father, Bob Marley, and his siblings, keeping the family's musical legacy alive. After graduating from the University of Miami in 1999, Marley used his inheritance to buy 52 acres of land in Jamaica to start a coffee bean farm. Marley ensures that the Fairtrade coffee certification is well earned by supporting workers' rights, environmental protection, and community investment. Recyclable coffee pods, the removal of caffeine from decaf products through an entirely chemical-free process, and charitable support for One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that fights deforestation by planting trees around the world, are all part of the brand's eco-conscious and sustainable company stance.

With product titles named after Bob Marley's biggest hits, Marley Coffee boasts wide flavor profiles from caramelized nuts on the lighter "Get Up, Stand Up" to dark chocolate and citrus in the "Lively Up" dark roast.

Hanx For Our Troops - Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks' "Hanx For Our Troops" brand attempts to live up to its company mantra "proudly serving those who serve" by donating all of the profit from sales to organizations including The Bob Woodruff Foundation, The Headstrong Project, Hire Heroes USA, the Student Veterans of America (SVA) supporting veterans. The brand is sourced ethically and sustainably with medium and dark roast coffee grounds, coffee pods, and stick-shaped traveler packs of instant coffee that fit perfectly in your pocket or handbag.

Both medium and dark roast grounded blends balance cane sugar and roasted nut profiles while the instant coffee pods add notes of milk chocolate and peppermint. The traveler packs assume the same flavors as the coffee pods ensuring you can make a conscientious, great-tasting coffee anywhere you can get hot water.

Chamberlain Coffee - Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain, the celebrity influencer and model, has spun out her branding into the realm of coffee with Chamberlain Coffee. Like many of the brands on our list, Chamberlain leans toward sustainable packaging and local roasting, and the coffee beans are all USDA-certified organic. The brand also supports local farmers through support for organizations like Food4Farmers, which addresses food insecurity in coffee-farming locations around the world.

Chamberlain provides an array of coffee blends in bags, and single-serve pods or cold brew packages that can be purchased online as a bundle or separately. Outside of coffee, the company also sells matcha teas with the same cute animal designs found on the majority of coffee packaging. Options like Fancy Mouse Espresso offer notes of cocoa and toffee, while Fluffy Lamb Vanilla offers notes of sweet, nutty vanilla.

Greeny Blues Blend - Metallica's Kirk Hammett

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett collaborated with McKinleyville, California-based roaster Muddy Waters Coffee Company to produce his own special brand of coffee. The brand, Greeny Blues Blend, honors his favorite guitar, the 59 Les Paul, and legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Peter Green, who played it. Hammett eventually became the owner of Green's guitar and now, can also boast a coffee brand that rocks as hard as his band.

Greeny Blues Blend is a fair trade certified and organically grown dark roast blend, with beans sourced from African and Indonesian coffee bean farms which help add to the beverage's complexity. Expect a fruity, chocolatey flavor with a hint of the different terroir the beans were harvested in before going through the roasting process in California at Muddy Waters Coffee Company.

Laughing Man Coffee - Hugh Jackman

The next celebrity on this list, Hugh Jackman, cements his Hollywood good guy status with Laughing Man Coffee, a brand that donates all its profit to charitable work related to Jackman's foundation of the same name. Sales of the coffee brand provide support for coffee farmers in communities where the beans are sourced, including Ethiopia, Peru, and other countries in Central and South America. Through fair trade employment practices, financial and technical support, as well as education and housing initiatives, Jackman's coffee is making a difference in the lives of people in the Global South.

Aside from online orders, Jackman established a chain of cafes named Blue Stone Lane that carry his coffee beans. The heartwarming inspiration behind Hugh Jackman's coffee shop, now in 60 locations around the globe, relates to a documentary about Jackman's relationship with an Ethiopian farmer named Dukale. Through this initial meeting, Jackman learned of the need for fair trade practices in coffee farming communities where farmers are typically underpaid for their work. This had such an impact on Jackman that one of his coffee blends — Dukale's Dream Blend, a coffee with a dark berry and chocolate profile — is actually named after the farmer.

Oakland Coffee - Green Day

The Oakland Coffee House is punk band Green Day's ode to the rocket fuel that keeps them going on tour. It's also the culmination of over 10 years of sampling coffee from around the world to come up with their own unique blend of beans for the brand. The coffee name proudly reps their stomping grounds in Oakland, California with packages coming in ground or whole bean form in colorful, artsy designs.

Bundles like the Ground Coffee Trio and Whole Bean Coffee Trio conveniently allow drinkers to try all their blends for a fair price of $44.95. Favorites like the Atomic Garden, named after a shop owned by Adrienne Armstrong, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's wife, is a mix of Honduran and Colombian beans. The medium-dark roast blend relies on a dark milk chocolate creaminess and a hint of sweetness to balance out its boldness. Three other caffeinated blends and one decaf blend round out the rest of Oakland Coffee's offerings.

Hellbilly Brew & Dragula Fuel - Rob Zombie

According to Loudwire, both rocker Rob Zombie's coffee blends, Hellbilly Brew and Dragula Fuel, are in partnership with Dead Sled Coffee, a coffee roaster that collaborates with a number of rock stars. Named after one of Zombie's albums, Hellbilly Brew sources Ugandan coffee beans and had the claim to fame of being Dead Sled's first 100% USDA-certified organic product in 2021. The coffee became such a favorite among fans that the second coffee, Dragula Fuel, followed up the next year to similar acclaim.

The coffee package design features anime versions of Zombie looking as menacing as possible courtesy of artist David Hartman. However, Hellbilly Brew's and Dragula Fuel's blend of Ugandan and Guatemalan are roasted for maximum boldness balanced with a smooth finish. Both go for an affordable $22 and can be ordered directly from Dead Sled.

Rockin' & Roastin' Coffee - Aerosmith's Joey Kramer

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer's Rockin and Roastin coffee is another organic coffee company. In a press release in Modern Drummer, Kramer points to his love of coffee as the inspiration for the brand launch. The drummer collaborated with Comfort Foods to distribute his series of blends including Sumatra Dark Roast, Ethiopia Dark Roast, Espresso Dark Roast, and Guatemala Medium Roast.

The beans are cultivated through a special "shade grown" technique that leads to the use of fewer chemicals and pesticides prior to the coffee bean's harvesting.The blends offer flavor profiles that are earthy, with hints of chocolate, citrus, and baking spices. Packaged in both ground and whole bean form, the product comes in bundles of three or as singles.

27 Club Coffee - Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly also collaborated with J Gursey Coffee on his own specialty coffee, 27 Club, as well as a corresponding cafe chain of the same name. The blend under the 27 Club umbrella includes Kelly's signature Diablo Blend, alongside a number of specialty drinks like Black Swan Charcoal Latte and Black Rose Café Mocha.

Machine Gun Kelly's coffee shop is being compared to Starbucks in its popularity, and the Diablo Blend might be one of the reasons why. Although the basis for the club is kind of bleak, to say the least — a cafe referencing talented musicians who died before the age of 27 — the coffee and jumping cafe chain makes the coffee worth trying and the coffee shop is somewhere to experience at least once.

ULIVjava - Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's behemoth brand would of course extend to coffee. The food celebrity maven's iced and hot coffee beverage, ULIVjava, is a blend of fair trade coffee, and healthy herbs like yerba mate and astragalus with natural sweeteners. Brainstormed between Stewart, her personal trainer Mary Tedesco, and Kathleen Schoen, a celebrity nutritionist, the brand wants to have a serious impact on the health of coffee products. As a cold brew, ULIVjava is packaged in bottles as opposed to bags and is ready to drink when you are. There's also a ground coffee option in bags for people who want the same flavors and health benefits in an old-fashioned package.

Looking at the ingredients of the beverages, you can expect a chilled or hot, creamy coffee beverage with a hint of herbaceousness and matcha, sweetened with notes of sugar cane.

Soldier Coffee House - Master P

Master P has been a master marketer as far back as the No Limit rap days — even giving back with his sweet cereal partnership with Snoop Dogg — and is slowly becoming a food industry mogul. According to BrooklynVegan, Master P has investments in food brands through Rap Snacks, a snack food company relying on rapper endorsements for their products, and his own Uncle P's branded food that distributes everything from the aforementioned cereal, waffle mix, quick-cooking rice and now, coffee.

Soldier Coffee House pays homage to Master P's grandfather, Claude Miller, who was an army serviceman and a baker known for his baked goods and the coffee he would serve his community. The coffee comes in bags of ground coffee and single-serve cups as medium and dark roast options. The packaging is designed with a camouflage motif, another nod to Master P's grandfather and his service to his country and community.

Kiss Cafe - Jadakiss

Keeping it all in the family seems to be a theme among rappers with coffee brands. Kiss Cafe is a family-owned venture between Jadakiss, his father, and the rapper's son. This is a second-generation connection between Jada and his dad, Jason Phillips, who was at one time the CEO of a coffee trading company back in the 1970s.

Jadakiss pints to nostalgia and fond family memories of Saturday and Sunday mornings with his dad, connecting over their fondness for music, donuts, and coffee as the inspiration for his coffee brand. Available for order from the Kiss Cafe website, the medium dark roast Beijo coffee blend — Beijo being Portuguese for "kiss," of course — comes in bags of whole beans or ground blends. Made with Arabica beans from Central and South America, expect a rich, nutty brew, with sweet notes of dark chocolate or cocoa.

Bieber Brew - Justin Beiber

Considering which celebrities own food brands and you had no idea, it might surprise you to know Justin Bieber is a "Belieber" in coffee. The entertainer struck a deal with Canadian cross-border coffee chain Tim Hortons, which is where you can drink Justin Bieber's new Biebs Brew Coffee. The collaboration on a French vanilla iced cappuccino is based on the celebrity's love of java with strong notes of vanilla and cream.

In a quote from the original Tim Hortons press release, "Doing a Tim Hortons collab had always been a dream of mine. I grew up on Tim Hortons and it's always been something close to my heart." He's since doubled down on this respect for the coffee chain through a second partnership related to his own product line of Timbits called Timbiebs.

BigFace Brand - Jimmy Butler

BigFace Brand, according to Fast Company, is a coffee and lifestyle brand that NBA star Jimmy Butler concocted as an answer to COVID-19. Game and practice bubbles made quality coffee scarce during the 2019-2020 season at the Disney World campus. Seeking a solution as a coffee lover, Butler began carrying his own coffee accouterments like grinders, espresso machines, frothers, and pour-over equipment and sold the coffee to other players at $20 a cup. Realizing he was on to something, Butler launched several pop-up cafes under the BigFace Brand name — Big Face being slang for $100 — with a goal of spinning the concept out into all sorts of merchandise from clothing to travel kits.

Butler scours the world for the best quality beans and claims to drink up to 10 cups of coffee today to test the product he comes into contact with (which is not something we recommend, that much caffeine can be dangerous). He's surrounded himself with some heavy hitters in the coffee industry, hiring an ex-Intelligentsia Coffee exec to help spearhead the operation as COO of BigFace Brands. Currently, the coffee comes as whole beans in fancy packaging with names like Onyx, Doublestar, Kamviu, and La Paz. The blends, either multi or single-origin in nature, offer unique flavor blends that are fruity and bold with sweet notes of cane sugar or honey.

Super Coffee aka Kite Life - Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, while not a founder of the aptly named Super Coffee, has an important relationship with the expanding start-up. After failing to raise capital for the company on an episode of "Shark Tank," founder Jordan DeCicco's high-protein and low-sugar alternative to unhealthy energy drinks should have been left in the lurch. So where is Super Coffee from Shark Tank today?

The bottled and ready-to-drink coffee beverage became the third most popular ready-to-drink coffee beverage and got a fresh rebrand as Kite Life in 2019 while rolling out a variety of new products and flavors.

If her career is any indicator, Lopez definitely has a nose for success and business. As such, Lopez became an investor in Kite Life in 2020, which has since gone on to be a massively successful brand with over $55 million dollars in sales since 2019. Flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Mocha Latte Super Coffee make this a fun and unique celebrity-supported coffee brand.

Korn Koffee - Korn

For the nu-metal band Korn, Korn Coffee is just another in a long line of branding and merchandise. According to Esquire, the coffee is a partnership between the band and roaster J Gursey Coffee. The fair trade farmed coffee beans were apparently curated by the band members who, like the bands listed before them, probably have a lot of experience with late nights and early mornings.

There are two different blends sold exclusively in a whole bean format so this may not work for you if you lack a coffee grinder. However, the balanced dark roast blend of Guatemalan Huehuetenango, Peruvian, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans mixed with J Gursey's own Diamond Reserve, and the newer Wired Blend of Indian coffee beans might make getting a grinder worth the time.

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