17 Celebrities Who Own Food Brands And You Had No Idea

It's almost impossible to overstate the impact of celebrity endorsements on food and drink culture. Just think about the amount of celebrity-owned bourbon brands there are, or just celebrity liquors and spirits in general, and you get a sense of how star power can manifest in profits for business partners. If you have ever asked yourself "why are so many celebrities opening restaurants?”, the automatic assumption is it's all about diversifying their investment portfolios. That's undoubtedly at least part of the reason. However, food brands also allow celebrities to maintain their relevance while building their brand, create sources of income for their families and communities, and live out their own foodie fantasies.

Though placed on pedestals based on an A to C-list star system, they are still human beings who love to eat as much as the rest of us. But unlike many of us, celebrities often have the cash on hand to live out those food obsessions through brand partnerships, endorsements, and direct investments.

The reason this remains a popular strategy for celebrities and their partners is that it works. According to USA Today, our brains associate our familiarity with a certain celebrity with any product endorsed or offered by them, and when we see familiar faces, there's a neurological reaction that targets our emotional responses. They elicit our trust, and trust sells. Here are some celebrities who you probably don't realize have a stake in ownership with these food brands, whether they're an investor, founder, or collaborator.

Jay-Z and Partake Foods

Although he's got 99 problems, his investment in a billion-dollar food brand ain't one. According to Yahoo! Finance, the vegan food brand, Partake Foods, got an incredible boost for its mainly food-allergen-free snack line in 2019 after Jay-Z invested in the company. The scrumptious pastry products, including pancake and pizza mixes, multi-flavored cookies, and melt-in-your-mouth brownies, apparently impressed Jay-Z enough to gain his backing. There is an inclusive aspect of this Black-owned enterprise that advocates for Black entrepreneurship, as well as food security for children living with food allergies or in more danger of developing them.

When considering what Jay-Z and Beyonce like to eat, a vegan brand may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, according to Vegconomist, even Ben & Jerry's has tied itself to Partake foods with an ice cream flavor based on one of its cookies. Oatmeal Dream Pie is a vegan ice cream treat incorporating Partake Food's gluten-free cookie crumble and marshmallows into the mix. As per US Food, Jay-Z's investment in food brands — which includes Partake Foods — helped bring him over the billion-dollar mark. With products in over 300 stores across the U.S., this is a celebrity food brand ensuring Jay-Z lives anything but a hard-knock life.

Beyonce and Lemon Perfect

Not to be outdone by her husband, Beyonce is the other half of a power couple making their presence known in the food industry. The surprising amount of water Beyonce drinks every day, which she pegs at a gallon, may have something to do with her interest in the Lemon Perfect brand.

According to Rolling Stone, Lemon Water is a cold-pressed beverage that is USDA-certified organic, enhanced with Vitamin C and electrolytes, and free of any artificial ingredients. Flavors like "Just Lemon" and "Peach Raspberry" are part of the hydrating experience of which Queen Bey herself is quoted in the article as saying, "I don't typically enjoy drinks without added sugar, but Lemon Perfect is delicious."

TechCrunch explains the founder, Yanni Hufnagel, was tipped off to Beyonce's love of his flavored water after seeing a picture of Beyonce with a bottle of his product in her limo. A year later, another investor linked the two together after discovering a treasure trove of Lemon Water in Beyonce's fridge while a guest in her home. Sometimes, it really is about who you know.

Jennifer Garner and Once Upon A Farm

According to TheRichest, Jennifer Garner was inspired by motherhood to join the children's nutritional food brand Once Upon A Farm. The food is sourced from a farm owned by Garner's family in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Although the company was officially launched in 2015 by start-up founders Cassandra Curtis and Ari Raz, Garner and CEO John Foraker joined the team as partners in 2017, where Garner acts as the brand ambassador and strategist. Since then, the brand has amassed a wealth of investment from venture capitalists whose investments have no doubt figured greatly into the brand's success.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that the company's all organic, cold-pressed baby foods and ready-to-eat products for kids are available through both brick-and-mortar outlets like Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Target, as well as online retailers such as Amazon and Once Upon A Farm's website. Aside from the aforementioned baby food pouches, there are several products available for subscription orders like organic dairy-free smoothies and kid-friendly trail mixes.

Kylie Jenner and Glow

Kylie Jenner spilled the beans about her partnership with Glow water in a series of Instagram posts in October 2022 with the caption "ultra smooth" that, of course, went instantly viral. So viral, in fact, as per DIGIDAY, that even Glow's Instagram following picked up 7,500 extra followers after Jenner's social media announcement. With a marketing strategy that makes good use of Jenner's Gen-Z and Millennial following, a 10 million dollar ad budget, and visibility that reaches more people than your typical Super Bowl advertisement, this hydrating energy drink should keep the company awash in potential customers.

There have been many drinks celebrities have credited for their long lives, and maybe one day Glow water can be added to that list.

Zac Efron and Kodiak Cakes

According to Forbes, Zac Efron hopped aboard Kodiak Cakes, a whole wheat protein pancake provider boasting 2022 sales of 200 million dollars, after being a longtime consumer and fan of the product. Efron has become something of a fitness ambassador since the "Baywatch" reboot, and that gym rat lifestyle and brand alignment make him a perfect choice for Chief Brand Officer. It's a role Efron takes pretty seriously apparently, even putting his input into future product rollouts and branded merchandise, with a strategy that includes branching out to include more healthy versions of desserts.

It hasn't all been protein pancakes and maple syrup for the company, however. PETA made a complaint against Kodiak Cakes over a television ad with a Kodiak bear that had been removed from its breeder as a cub and was living in captivity.

Kristen Bell and This Saves Lives

Upworthy shared a great announcement from This Saves Lives, a feel-good, healthy snack brand that donates food to malnourished children around the world every time a snack is purchased. According to Food Business News, the company was actually bought by an umbrella company for five million dollars and has been able to send some 30 million food packets to hungry kids. With a staple of kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO granola snacks on offer, Kristen Bell's food brand promotes the greater good in more ways than one.

It's not just about feeding kids in poorer nations. The truth about food insecurity in the U.S. is that 12 million children have been found to be food insecure in a 2020 study conducted by the USDA.

Jason Derulo and Treo

Jason Derulo is another celebrity who obviously prides themselves in their fitness. Now, Jason Derulo has also entered the beverage business, and his new plant-powered water is supposedly more hydrating than other brands. As the brand ambassador for Treo water, a low-carb, low-sugar, flavored water beverage sourced from birch trees, Derulo is quoted in Celeb Magazine as saying, "Using naturally sweet birch water as a base means that TREO doesn't have to rely on added sugars to create bold flavors, and the extra hydration means I can take my workouts to the next level."

Birch trees produce xylitol, a naturally occurring, plant-based sugar that is also loaded with nutrients promoting overall body health. Derulo's partner on the venture is one of the Snapple founder's sons, Bob Golden, whose experience should come in handy leveraging Derulo's celebrity to sell Treo's five flavored organic water products.

Camilla Cabello and Olipop

According to Mundane, Camila Cabello partnered with Olipop, a plant-based, healthier soda alternative to regular soda pops on the market. With only 2 to 5 grams of sugar per can, it's not difficult to see why a pop star spending a lot of time in front of cameras would find value in the beverage company as an investor ambassador and drinker. That latter label is how Cabello came on board as the company's first celebrity partner.

Yahoo!finance revealed Cabello invested her own undisclosed sum of money in the company, which recently generated 30 million dollars in venture capital. After doing some research on mental health, an issue she feels passionate about, Cabello learned of a link between gut health and mental health. It became a motivating factor in her investment.

Noah Schnapp and TBH

Apparently, this "Stranger Things" star wants you to stop eating Nutella, or at least, start eating a higher-grade spread. Noah Schnapp, aka Will Byers on the streaming series, is working with Umana Venture Studio to promote TBH. TBH is a palm-oil-free chocolate-hazelnut spread with less sugar and unhealthy fats than Nutella, and a smaller environmental footprint thanks to not having to source the aforementioned palm oil which has been responsible for the degradation of ecosystems and surrounding communities. Tastewise, when considering the difference between American and European Nutella related to sugar content, TBH is definitely closer to the less sugary original European version of the spread.

According to Vegconomist, Schnapp's fans can also get in on the investment through the platform Republic, where the general public can become venture capitalists with the company with a minimum $50 investment. It's a way to help the environment and your health.

Justin Beiber and Tim Hortons

Superstar Justin Bieber collaborated on a coffee with the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, called the Biebs Brew. This great-tasting version of a cream-loaded iced cappuccino is a French vanilla-forward beverage with 116 calories. You can drink Justin Bieber's new Biebs Brew coffee at any Tim Horton's in the U.S. and Canada, and it's one of two brand collaborations between Bieber and the coffee chain in two years.

Timbits, addictive, bite-sized donut holes made of flour and sugar are also part of the branding. The collab features three new Timbits flavors — Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle — which you can wash down with your Biebs Brew when you aren't in the mood for hot coffee.

Snoop Dogg and Master P for Snoop Cereal aka Snoop Loopz

Snoop Dogg wants to join us for breakfast. His new brand of cereal initially named "Snoop Loopz," is the latest food brand released by Snoop and rap mogul Master P through their company Broadus foods. Heavily inspired by the fruity marshmallow advertised, corn-based cereals of his youth, Snoop Dogg's product isn't going to end up in the health food aisle like many of the other celebrity brands on this list. However, it is made with multi-grains and is gluten-free.

Unfortunately, VIBE points out that the name had to be changed to "Snoop Cereal” after a similarly named competitor took issue with the branding and got lawyers involved. Snoop and Master P took it in stride and have since issued a statement in a Master P Instagram post where the two appeared in branded merch before taste testing their cereal's three flavors, Frosted Drizzlers, Fruity Hoopz with marshmallows, and Cinnamon Toasteez.

Cardi B and Whipshots

Should we be surprised that rap queen Cardi B came out with a boozy whipped cream? The WAP queen is a creative and business partner for Starco Brands Whipshots, a vodka-infused whipped cream described as "Cardi and a party in a can." Considering Cardi B's censor-defying lyrics and megawatt personality, this is the sort of branding synergy that just makes sense.

UPROXX noted Cardi B gave the public their first taste of Whipshots in Art Basel in Miami, Florida in 2021. By October 2022, Whipshots had racked up a million sales, with fans on social media shouting their praises for the product. With flavors including peppermint, mocha, caramel, and vanilla, Whipshots has officially cemented its status as a favorite celebrity food brand.

Master P and LA Great Snow Cones

According to AllHipHop.com, Master P launched La Great Snow Cones through his company Uncle P's Brands, which for a rapper nicknamed "The Ice Cream Man" sounds pretty on brand. Inspired by his New Orleans childhood, the snow cones come in several flavors — cherry, blue raspberry, bubblegum, lemonade, grape, orange-sicle, and green apple — and are available in select grocery stores.

It's not all just about a different stream of revenue for Master P, who plans to redirect an undisclosed portion of sales into inner-city education, initiatives that help Black senior citizens all over the United States, and healthcare through dental assistance for kids suffering from cleft conditions like cleft lip and cleft palate. The ice cream man has a sweet and cool plan for profits while helping people in need from his community. 

Luke Bryan and Boldly Grown Popcorn

Like Jennifer Garner, according to People, Luke Bryan got extremely hands-on with his limited-edition popcorn snack brand Boldly Grown Popcorn. Partnering with agricultural machinery company Fendt, Bryan actually sourced the first batch of corn from four acres of his family farm using a Fendt tractor. The snacks, which come in bold butter and chart toppin' churro flavors, are also going to be used for social impact with Fendt pleading $25,000 toward an organization providing training and leadership skills for future farmers.

Although not available in grocery stores, you can snag a bag for $5 — not including shipping and handling — from the Boldly Grown Goods website. Also, whether your preference is for sweet or savory popcorn snacks, Luke Bryan has you covered.

Maria Sharapova and Sugarpova

According to CNBC, Maria Sharapova credits her father's habit of feeding her candy after tennis practice as a young girl for her passion for sweets. It could be seen as a no-brainer that Sharapova would again think of candy when looking for an exit strategy from tennis once she could no longer perform at her best. Launching in 2012, Sugarpova, inspired by the sweet treats of her youth, now boasts global sales in 22 countries.

TheRichest revealed Sharapova's initial $500,000 investment has since turned into a 20 million dollar per year company with a valuation north of 195 million dollars. With several offerings including gummies, chocolates, gum, and truffles in a number of creative shapes, and agreements with giant retail chains around the world, Sugarpova turned out to be as big a winner for Sharapova as her skills on the tennis court.

Chrissy Teigen and Cravings Baking Mixes

People explained Chrissy Teigen's baking mix brand Cravings was adopted from her famous line of Cravings by Chrissy cookbooks. Available for purchase on the Cravings by Chrissy website, where you can find everything from baking mix bundles to bath robes, the brand comes in ultimate banana bread, buttermilk mochi, and salted white chocolate macadamia cookie flavors. The baking mixes are borrowed from Teigen's personal recipes.

However, according to HOLA!, baker Jordan Rondel claimed Teigen stole the recipe for her cake mix after working with Rondel on a limited edition kit. In addition to that claim, Teigen's baking mix brand is under fire for ripping off designs related to graphics used by Rondel on Instagram. After Teigen defended the baking mixes, Rondel walked back her claims. So it appears Cravings may have a sweet ending for Teigen after all.

Chris Paul and Good Eat'n

NBA All-Star Chris Paul has partnered with Gopuff for an exclusive snack line called Good Eat'n, a vegan line of junk food made without any of the junk. A plant-based snack food brand with favorites like tortilla chips, pork rinds (but make it porkless), donut puffs, and popcorn, Paul's brand was made for people new to plant-based diets that still crave the taste of something like pork rinds. Inspired by his own revelations about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and the challenges of sticking with it due to missing meat flavors, Paul saw his investment in this brand as the perfect way to address that for himself and others.

According to Vegconomist, Paul's partnership with Gopuff — a grocery delivery platform — allows for easy access to his food brand through an app that will deliver plant-based treats right to your doorstep.