The 16 Best Coffee Brands Around The World You Should Know

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Some drinks are near universal. Travel anywhere in the world, and there's a good chance you can taste the culture by sipping on four beverages: beer, wine, tea, and coffee. With diverse offerings around the globe, you'll find proud wineries, breweries, farms, and little shops in nearly every big city, village, or quaint town you could visit. The best part about these big four is that no drink tastes the same in each region. Thanks to climate, elevation, soil, and growing practices, different tastes emerge in the final beverage, no matter the bean, leaf, fruit, or plant you're working with.

In terms of coffee, macro and micro roasters are on a never-ending quest to find, roast, and serve the absolute best cup of coffee possible. Through these efforts, the best aspects of each type of coffee get their day in the sun. And though it would be impossible to visit every coffee shop in the world, there are several brands that should make any coffee lover's bucket list.

Costa Coffee from the United Kingdom

Costa Coffee is a British company, but there are also 4,000 locations across 31 countries, with a majority of those stores in the UK. When a coffee job is so good an entire nation votes it their favorite, it's probably going to be pretty outstanding. In a survey, 4,000 residents of the UK were asked what their favorite coffee shop was, and the majority of them answered "Costa Coffee."

This popular chain's menu offers a variety of coffee drinks, including the typical coffeeshop favorites like lattes and cappuccinos, but there are also less common drinks like  Frappés like Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frappé Mocha and even Tropical Mango Bubble Frappe & Light Dairy Swirl. Personally, we love a Mocha Cortado from Costa Coffee, and if you enjoy a rich coffee and chocolate drink, you'd probably love it too. And we must admit, the art your barista adds on top is a fabulous touch.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters from India

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters has roasters in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore. These roasters create excellent, straightforward coffee. Since Blue Tokai began in 2013, the roasting operation has grown significantly, and the quality has kept up.

Blue Tokai believes in transparency, constant learning, and excellent roasting practices. It only uses award-winning farms and is always on the cutting edge of testing new processes to take toasting to the next level. One of the most popular coffees Blue Tokai offers is Attikan Estate from Karnataka's Biligiriranga Hills. With notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and even delightful figs, this is a balanced coffee with a medium roast, bitterness, and acidity. Great for espresso, you can also enjoy this one with other coffee makers, like a Moka Pot or an Aeropress.

ChestBrew Coffee Company from Vietnam

ChestBrew Coffee knows that there hasn't been much in the way of innovation for coffee in the last decade or so. That is, except for cold brew. Thus, the founders of ChestBrew Coffee Company have taken it upon themselves to create an incredible cold brew.

ChestBrew Coffee Company is proud to source its beans from only the most progressive of coffee farmers from Vietnam, and this roaster in Southwest Asia is the only roaster with USFDA approval. This means that ChestBrew maintains a high caliber of roasting to create excellent coffee. The Moon Bear Whole Bean Coffee is a strong and smooth coffee crafted to make an incredible Vietnamese iced coffee. ChestBrew prides itself on having robust and bold coffee with the quintessential qualities for which Vietnamese coffee is known. In addition to purchasing through its website, you can also find this coffee on Amazon.

Café do Ponto from Brazil

With 60 years of experience in tremendous flavor, Café do Ponto began as a group of coffee farmers who gathered regularly to mingle and enjoy one another's company. They called their regular meeting spot "the coffee spot," and when the farmers started their own roasting company, the company's name seemed an obvious one: "Café do Ponto."

Over the course of 60 years, Café do Ponto has become a competitive and strong name in the coffee world, turning out delicious and memorable coffee from São Paulo. With coffee options that are simplistic in their offerings but powerful in their roast and deep in flavor, if you're looking for excellent coffee from Brazil, you'd be pleased with any of its offerings. For a rich and smooth espresso blend that uses beans from Brazil's best regions, the Point Espresso Coffee even has a hint of hazelnut in the crema.

Mayorga Coffee from Latin America

Mayorga Coffee offers an excellent product alongside its mission to eliminate poverty in Latin America. As a child, Martin Mayorga, Mayorga Coffee's founder, would see children his age struggling to help their families put food on the table, even as those same families were providing coffee beans for expensive coffee shop drinks in the United States. So, as an adult, Mayorga set out to change this struggle by addressing the problems with coffee's supply chain.

To help keep farmers safe and preserve the quality of their land, Mayorga Coffee is also committed to providing organic coffee. The Café Cubano Roast offers a dark roast that doesn't compromise on Its smoothness. It is roasted with beans from Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua to achieve an aromatic, perfect Cubano-style roasted coffee. Mayorga Coffee also offers single-serve pod and capsule coffees in the varieties of Café Cubano and Mayan Blend for Nespresso and Keurig-style machines.

Caffe' Vergnano from Italy

Italy's oldest roaster of great coffee is Caffe' Vergnano. Beginning in 1882, this Italian roaster set the bar high for other coffee roasters that would come later. Since then, it has developed a business that is centered on creating a quality experience and product for the customer. In the way raw materials get chosen, how baristas receive their training, and down to the variety of different types of coffee makers the products accommodate, it's clear that Caffe' Vergnano does everything with intention and quality.

There are so many different types of products available from Caffe' Vergnano. With compostable capsules for "A modo mio," Nespresso, paper coffee pods, and Nescafe, many different types of coffee makers, in addition to drip ones, it's easy to purchase, make, and fall in love with these fabulous Italian coffees.

Julius Meinl from Austria

Julius Meinl has been a professional roaster of coffee since 1862 and is the first in Europe with this designation. In Vienna, it roasts unforgettable Viennese coffee, and though Julius Meinl has been in the coffee roasting game for over 160 years, it continues to thrive on innovation to create an excellent coffee experience for its customers. In fact, its ultimate vision is to be the No. 1 offering of premium coffee to premium hotels, restaurants, cafés, hotels, restaurants, and catering companies around the world.

You'll find Julius Meinl coffees in capsules, whole beans, and ground in a variety of different flavors. For an iconically Julius Meinl coffee, check out the Präsident coffee with a perfect Viennese coffee taste. You'll enjoy notes of delicious fresh chocolate with a nice balance between intensity, acidity, and sweetness.

Julius Meinl has just as much love for the arts outside of coffee as it does for the artistry of roasting coffee. In fact, on World Poetry Day, the brand has been known to offer a promotion where patrons can pay for their coffee by writing a poem. We're a fan of any company full of artists supporting other artists. Plus, the ambiance in these shops makes them look like the perfect place to do a little work with a delightful cup of coffee.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee from Turkey

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi doesn't see coffee as just a beverage. The roasting, brewing, and preparing of it is more of an art form. This mindset has been passed down to the different generations of Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi to continue its great legacy. This mission of introducing generations of the future to Turkish coffee is of utmost importance to Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. Now, over 55 countries receive exports of this coffee, and that mission continues to become a reality.

According to Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, Turkish coffee is different from drip coffee and other types of coffee that many North Americans enjoy. Turkish coffee must be allowed to sit before drinking to allow the grounds still within the cup to settle to the bottom. This creates a more smooth texture when you go to drink the coffee. If you're eager to try Turkish coffee, you'll be happy to know that this company offers several different types of products, including traditional Turkish coffee in different packaging options, filter coffee, press pot, espresso, and even cocoa.

Cafés Legal from France

A family-owned coffee business from 1851, Cafés Legal owns 10% of France's market share of roasted and prepackaged coffee. Always looking to innovate and continue growing, it recently came out with a Nespresso capsule that is biodegradable in order to help the brand continue to grow and be seen as an innovator in the French coffee market. This roaster takes the classic roasting technique and pairs it with a contemporary sense, often adding a bit of modern flair to the company's Facebook page. The brand sees itself as a coffee of yesterday and tomorrow.

Those Nespresso capsules come in several different varieties, including Eleganza, Tradizione, and Forte. You'll also find an assortment of coffees from beans around the world, including the organic Mexique Pérou and Café des chefs Expresso.

Simple Kaffa from Taiwan

Wu Zelin started Simple Kaffa after becoming a coffee lover in high school and then could not find good coffee once he got to college at National Taiwan University. He wanted to create a consistently good quality cup of coffee, and this feat turned out to be much more complicated than he had hoped for. After self-study and even the WBC World Coffee Competition for several years, the first Simple Kaffa opened in 2011 in the Taipei East District.

Simple Kaffa offers a beautiful coffee shop and excellent coffee. The Ethiopia Oli is a lightly roasted coffee with more of a floral coffee with sweet notes of brown sugar and honey floral amongst fruit like cherry and citrus. The Seasonal Espresso Blend, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for lattes and cappuccinos. In fact, it is the espresso used in coffee shops to create beverages for customers.

Takamura Coffee Roasters from Japan

At Takamura Coffee Roasters, the goal is to appreciate coffee in much the same way you would enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a meal. It all comes from the idea that an after-dinner coffee should enhance that post-meal feel just as nicely as wine may, but few restaurants actually offer such an indulgence. Takamura Coffee Roasters set out to change that.

The El Salvador El Derrumbo coffee offers an exceptional and unique taste of fruit. You'll get notes of guava, pineapple, and even pomegranate. Another dessert-like coffee is that of the Ethiopia Birhau Dido Awscho, with a lovely creaminess and even a bit of peach. In terms of brew methods, Takamura Coffee Roasters stand by primarily pour-over or Aeropress brewing for the best quality coffee.

Shecha Coffee from Ethiopia

Shecha Coffee uses practices that date back for centuries to create a product as delicious as it is historical. This family-run farm specializes in both Ethiopian coffee and honey. From the coffee, you can expect a unique and familiar taste all at once, but certainly a cup you'll long to return to over and over again.

You can order several different types of coffee from the website, including coffee at varying stages of sundried, washed, or roasted beans. You'll also be able to order organic honey straight from the website. Prices appear to fluctuate, so contacting the Shecha Coffee Estate for ordering would work out best. If you visit Ethiopia, you can also stop by the shop serving coffee from the estate by visiting Shecha Coffee & Honey in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Xula Mexican Coffee from Mexico

Nelly Garcia started Xula Mexican Coffee in 2017 with a devotion to ensuring that the products the company offered were of the highest possible quality. Though the business began with Garcia's muffins, it has grown to include other baked goods as well as deliciously roasted coffee.

The secret behind Garcia's company is in the relationships with not only the coffee growers but also the cacao farmers and the chocolatiers. Xula's dark roast comes from Veracruz, Mexico, with notes of various fruit, vanilla, caramel, and, of course, cacao. The medium roast also hails from Veracruz with an almond note as well as similar flavors as the dark, but with less intensity. If you're local to San Diego County, California, you can also order freshly made Café de Olla, which uses a special brewing method, or even cold brew that has been steeped for 24 hours.

The Barn Coffee Roasters from Germany

The Barn is a German coffee roaster specializing in single-origin coffee. By refusing to blend the coffee, The Barn offers coffees with a unique flavor that can be traced back to its original home. This, alongside a commitment to make coffee better and better over time, drives this popular roasting company.

In general, you'll find lightly roasted coffee here, but they are separated into three primary categories balanced, terroir, and exotic. If you're looking for a great coffee to start off with that's easily drinkable and a natural people pleaser, go for something balanced. Terroir, when it comes to coffee beans, refers to the altitude, climate, and soil from which the coffee is grown. The Barn offers several coffees with unique terroir qualities for you to try out.

Chariots Coffees from Uganda

For a coffee company that does far more than brew a great cup, look no further than Chariots Coffees. Keys to the Shop explains that founder Ochen Simon Eidodo is a famous professional barista whose accomplishments include winning the 2018 Ugandan Barista Champion and working toward changing the coffee industry in Uganda.

Chariots Coffees' mission is different than most coffee shops. Rather than just functioning as a typical coffee shop and roastery, it aims to teach great baristas in addition to brewing excellent coffee. Through an intensive training program, this coffee company is helping others become the exceptional barista Eidodo is. The program helps participants become proficient in creating high-quality espresso drinks, juices, and even milkshakes. As a result, Chariots Coffees' customers become their students to learn new skills and enrich their lives.

Spring Valley Coffee from Kenya

Spring Valley Coffee is the epitome of a company that does nothing but continue growing. Beginning in 2009, it opened as a coffee shop for the neighborhood that took in only green coffee and then roasted it at the shop in small-batch for daily customers. Soon, it began roasting for other small Kenyan coffee brands before finally, in 2014, roasting under its own label.

Now, in addition to markets around Kenya that serve Spring Valley Coffee, you can order it online. You'll have several options, including Elgon, Espresso, Gourmet, and Zamanee. For a medium roast, try Elgon with notes of pineapple, honey, and sugar. Espresso will offer a dark roast with vanilla, and even the Gourmet variety will be an excellent, straightforward coffee with a smooth finish.