In Germany, Tuna Is A Popular Pizza Topping

It seems that no matter where you travel to in the world, whether you're in rural America, metropolitan Japan, or a quaint English town, there is one trusty food joint that seems to always be nearby: a pizza place. Pizza is internationally beloved for its comforting qualities and customizability. But, with so many cultures partaking in this classic dish, there have become seemingly endless variations and popular topping combinations. While this may be seen as a good thing, with so many different styles of pizza, the dish has become no stranger to its share of controversy.

The classic Hawaiian pizza debate has taken over news headlines for a long while, with many scoffing at the idea of putting pineapple on pizza. But, it seems many countries have developed their own weird pizza combinations that somehow seem to work: Japan is a fan of squid pizza, Brazil tops theirs with green peas, and Sweden slices up bananas onto their pies. Meanwhile, it seems Germany is also a fan of seafood-topped pizzas as their canned tuna topping is a nationwide favorite.

Germany's tuna fish pizza, called thunfisch pizza, has long been a staple of the nation. While some may turn their noses up at this undoubtedly unique combo, it has become so popular that many pizza chains sell this popular variation.

Ingredients and common variations of thunfisch pizza

There are a few popular variations of tuna fish pizza that you can try in Germany, with the most popular option featuring tomato sauce, canned tuna, red bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, red onions, and oregano.But, just like any other popular pizza combination, there are plenty of ways that this lineup can be customized to differing palettes. For example, many Germans add black olives or artichoke hearts for an extra salty flavor.

Even outside of Germany, different renditions of tuna fish pizza have been created. Many Italians enjoy canned tuna fish on pizza, although the ingredients of this variation are usually simpler. Typically, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and canned tuna are the only three ingredients used on top of the dough in Italy. And across the ocean, Brazilian pizza shops dole out a tuna-topped pizza that is made simply with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and oregano.

How thunfisch pizza is made and where to find it

The first step when making homemade pizza is, of course, to source your dough. If making pizza dough from scratch is not your thing, many grocery stores sell pre-made dough that only need to be floured and stretched. Once your dough is shaped into a flat circle, it can be smothered with the hearty tomato sauce. Then, after an even layer has been applied, mozzarella cheese can be sprinkled on top and canned tuna should be added.

Using tuna that has been preserved in olive oil is ideal, as the cans that place the fish in vinegar or salt water seem to add too much acidity to the flavor profile. Onions, oregano, and peppers can be added along with any other toppings you see fit. Then, into the oven it goes. When it emerges, you should have a gooey, salty, and indulgent pizza ready to be enjoyed.

If you do happen to find yourself in Germany, it is easy to find this popular pizza served in almost all the country's pizza joints. Even many of the big pizza chains, such as Domino's and Pizza Hut, carry this commonly ordered pizza. And, in addition, grocery stores dish out plenty of this pre-made pizza if at-home pizza making isn't your forte.