Why You Should Never Store Nutella In The Fridge

Rich, creamy, chocolatey, and satisfying — a spoonful of Nutella checks all these boxes and then some. Since Nutella first burst on the scene in 1946, the chocolate-hazelnut spread has been celebrated as a delicious ingredient for toast, crepes, pancakes, ice cream, and more. But what has made it stand the test of time isn't the sugar in the recipe, nor is it just the clever combination of chocolate and hazelnut. While it is those things, it's also Nutella's thick, paste-like consistency, which sticks to your tongue and the roof of your mouth, that makes it such a superb spread. 

The formula has been perfected over the years. Before it was known as Nutella, the product was called SuperCrema in 1951 due to its new, easy-to-spread formula. Just like almost any other food item, Nutella doesn't last forever. We'd venture to say that most jars don't reach their expiration date of one year after opening, as it's hard to resist downing the spread by the spoonful once open. But to preserve Nutella's smooth, thick consistency, it's important to avoid storing it in the fridge.

Refrigerating Nutella makes it hard and difficult to spread

According to Ferrero Food Service, keeping Nutella in the fridge can make it hard and difficult to spread, defeating the purpose of the gooey treat in the first place. While it may still retain its rich taste, hard lumps of Nutella are less than ideal — however, this is what early versions of the spread looked like. In 1946, Pietro Ferrero's initial experiments resulted in a block of chocolate that was chopped and squished between bread slices. This concoction was called Giandujot, and it was hardly easy to use.

But today's Nutella is meant to be smooth and spreadable — and to keep it that way, you'll want to store it at room temperature, away from sunlight or heat, and in an upright position. While it turns into a solid block in the cold, the oil in Nutella separates when exposed to too much heat, and it ends up looking more like a jar of stirrable peanut butter. The palm oil it contains may be inconvenient in this way, but it's an essential part of the Nutella formula — it has no taste, smell, or trans fats, but it does give the spread its signature texture.

So to make your life easier, follow these instructions and keep your Nutella on the counter or in the cabinet. You probably won't be storing it for long anyway.