KFC's Controversial Double Down To Return

If you think restaurant stunts are going to run out of steam anytime soon, think again, because the granddaddy of fast-food hype — the KFC Double Down — is back. From celebrity meals to brand partnerships (like Krispy Kreme's collaboration with Reese's) to special condiments (like the Baja Blast hot sauce), unusual limited-time food and beverage offerings have been popping up everywhere recently.

While fast-food chains have always developed special menu items, the trend has exploded over the last decade, with social media exposure turning announcements into major events. But there was a simpler time when the novelty of these kinds of foods came from just serving something in the weirdest way possible.

The Double Down first appeared back in 2010, and even among all the other over-the-top offerings in the previous decades, it stood out. McDonald's had given us the option to supersize, and Pizza Hut had released stuffed crust and the Insider – a pizza inside of another pizza — but nobody had gone so far as to sandwich bacon and cheese between two fried chicken patties.

Still, KFC knew what it was doing by launching the Double Down. Despite the fact that people thought it was a joke at first, it ended up becoming so popular that it stayed on the menu longer than anticipated, and then later returned for a limited time in 2014 before leaving for good. Now, after nearly a decade, the fan favorite is back for its crown.

The KFC Double Down is back for only a month

Lovers of chicken and cheese better get ready — because they are about to have a big month. According to a press release from KFC, the Double Down will go on sale nationwide on March 6 for just four weeks. The sandwich is identical to the original, featuring two cheese slices and two bacon strips between two fried chicken "buns," with the choice of either mayo or spicy sauce.

For those who want the same flavors of the Double Down but on bread, there will also be a new limited-time menu item: the Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich — a single chicken patty with a slice of cheese, two pieces of bacon, mayo, and pickles on toasted brioche.

Of course, this isn't 2010 anymore, and no special release would be complete without a chance for fans to chase some clout and get early access to the Double Down. A limited number of 2,014 KFC enthusiasts will be able to order the special sandwich on March 5 — a day before its official release — by signing up at www.kfcdoubledowndrop.com, which opens on March 2 at 9 a.m. ET.

The process is first come, first served, so if you really want the Double Down, you better be parked in front of your computer when the time comes in order to be among the lucky participants. As for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait in line.