Mountain Dew Is Turning Its Baja Blast Soda Into A Hot Sauce

The good people at Mountain Dew have always been at the forefront of soft drink innovation, but even for the quirky brand, the idea of a Baja Blast hot sauce is pretty out there. According to Taste of Home, since its invention back in the 1940s, Mountain Dew has gone on to spawn over 30 different varieties. This includes not just new flavor variations like favorites Code Red and Live Wire, but as The Takeout notes, also includes entirely new lines of products like AMP, another energy drink called Mountain Dew Kickstart, and the online exclusive Game Fuel. The company has even ventured into the ever-growing world of canned alcoholic drinks, with Mashed reporting on the debut of its new Hard MTN DEW line in August of 2021.

Baja Blast soda itself was a bit of an innovation back when it first debuted. According to CNN, the flavor was released back in 2004, in a first-of-a-kind deal between a beverage company and fast food chain that made it a Taco Bell exclusive. Baja Blast has long held strong as a fan favorite, inspiring so much love that it has been sold as a limited seasonal release in stores and spawned several flavor variations to satisfy the insatiable demand for its ambiguous tropical taste, as well as been added to the Hard MTN DEW lineup. Now that love will be really put to the test with a truly experimental product.

Enter the sweepstakes to secure a bottle

If you love hot sauce and Mountain Dew Baja Blast, today is your surprisingly lucky day. Mountain Dew has announced a new Baja Blast Hot Sauce via Twitter, and it is going to be given away through an online drawing. According to the contest rules released by Mountain Dew, the entries start January 19 and go through February 8, and anyone interested in scoring a bottle of the unique sauce can enter on the contest's website

750 prize packs will be made available to entrants, which will surely inspire some online bidding wars from loyal Baja Blast fans. Mountain Dew has also let interested parties know that this hot sauce will not be available in stores.

So what could Baja Blast hot sauce possibly taste like? Well, this actually isn't Mountain Dew's first foray into the hot sauce world. They teamed up with NBA star Joel Embiid to put out a habanero hot sauce back in 2020. According to Kotaku, that sauce was relatively mildly flavored, and didn't taste a whole lot like actual Mountain Dew, but did have a noticeable citrus kick. 

Only time will tell how much the new Baja Blast Hot Sauce will adhere to the popular flavor, or how much it will just be inspired by it. Either way, it should be a hot sauce experience like no other.