Mountain Dew Is Adding A Familiar Fast Food Flavor To Its Boozy Lineup

Beverage companies are gearing up for the warmer months ahead and have started dropping new hard seltzers and canned cocktails. Coca-Cola and Molson Coors recently teamed up to bring fans Simply Spiked Lemonade, and now Mountain Dew is introducing a new alcoholic take on one of its most exclusive and popular flavors. In a renewed partnership with Boston Beer Company, Pepsi plans to release its fourth flavor of hard Mountain Dew in February: Baja Blast (via CNN).

Taco Bell fans have been enjoying the exclusive flavor at the fast food chain since 2004, but soon they'll be able to can crack open cans of the boozy soft drink at home. Each can of Hard MTN DEW Baja Blast is 100 calories and contains 5% alcohol by volume, with no added sugar or caffeine. Unfortunately for some, the drink (which will follow the first three flavors: original Mountain Dew, watermelon, and black cherry) will only be available in select states.

How Baja Blast fans are reacting to the news

Though this boozy new Hard MTN DEW flavor won't even hit shelves for several more weeks, fans are naturally excited to hear about the new drink. Many have already taken to Twitter to express just how they feel about the launch. One tweet celebrated, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL. WE'VE GOT HARD BAJA BLAST. WE DID IT Y'ALL." While another simply wrote "Oh no," to which one user replied "You meant to say oh yes, right?" The original poster responded "it's a double edged sword." Professional Halo player, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Nick Kershner also weighed in, "this is not good for my future." Clearly, die-hard Baja Blast Mountain Dew fans can't wait to get their first can of the new spiked soda, even if they admit it might not be great for them long term.

A few Twitter users were disappointed in the hard seltzer, with one tweeting a GIF of Patrick Bateman from the film "American Psycho" along with a caption sharing their disappointment at the fact that it will be caffeine-free. A few others commented on a tweet from the brand announcing the new drink, unhappy that the drink will be "zero sugar." 

Regardless, it seems many Baja Blast fans of legal age are ready to review and report back once the drink is available.