The Unforgettable Family Dining Experience To Complete Your Kenya Safari

Trying new foods in unfamiliar places is what traveling is all about — and when you're on a safari in Africa, punctuating your days spent spotting wild animals with extraordinary evening meals is a must. There are several unique culinary experiences throughout the continent for safari-goers, but Saruni offers a style of dining in Kenya, a country known for its quality coffee and mutura, that really stands out.

The menu itself is notable, featuring fresh local ingredients, such as fish and vegetables, that are transformed into delicious, healthy meals accented with influences from Italian cuisine. The imaginative fare includes dishes such as a savory cauliflower soup topped with truffled croutons, a roasted pork loin with confit potatoes, a vibrant smoked trout salad, and a delicate passion fruit parfait with slices of Kenyan tree tomato for dessert. But it's really the setting for Saruni's culinary experience that makes it something your family won't want to miss.

You can dine family-style in a dry river bed

Dry riverbeds, called luggas, are the backdrop of a once-in-a-lifetime experience for families fortunate enough to travel to Kenya's bushlands. One of the safaris that Saruni offers is a lugga walking tour guided by Samburu warriors. After guests complete this excursion, they can enjoy a group meal served family-style in the same surroundings during the evenings. One Tripadvisor reviewer described it as something that "looked like it could have been in a Condé Nast photoshoot, with lanterns flickering dramatically along a dried riverbed in the Sera Conservancy."

This special dinner is enjoyed in the open air: Picture an elegant campsite with sturdy wooden chairs and crisp white tablecloths, and you're partly there. Couches for lounging let guests soak up the dramatic landscape while savoring tasty rustic dishes like a vegetable tart served with cheeses and onion marmalade — all prepared by talented chefs skilled at infusing local ingredients into the meals they cook.

Visitors can share dietary restrictions or make special requests for any picky eaters in the group, making this a meal your family won't forget.