Gordon Ramsay Teaches Us To Use This Basic Pantry Staple To Win At Grilled Cheese - Exclusive

Lest you have forgotten the great food debates of years past, Gordon Ramsay has gotten TikTok properly riled up about grilled cheese. In 2021, he dared to present the world with a less-than-melted version of the iconic sandwich, and on thicker-than-optimal slices. In the social media pandemonium which ensued — and because Ramsay will not let anyone usurp him from his longstanding reign as TikTok's resident culinary provocateur — he responded, blaming conditions in Tasmania on his subpar performance. 

That was two years ago, and on that particular grilled cheese adventure, the Michelin-starred chef had selected kimchi as his go-to grilled cheese complement. At the time, his choice of fermented vegetables was also a point of social media contention. They were, according to the TikToker who went viral for critiquing Ramsay's sandwich, "overpowering." Beknownst or unbeknownst to him, Ramsay recently earned the last laugh in that particular kerfuffle; kimchi grilled cheese became TikTok's first viral food video of 2023. 

So listen up, skeptics: Ramsay may not always have the patience required to achieve a perfect melt. He does, however, know exactly what to add to grilled cheese to make it sing. In a recent exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the world-renowned restaurateur suggested not kimchi, but a much more common pantry staple, to take a grilled cheese sandwich to the next level.

Gordon Ramsay suggests using this root vegetable to liven up a grilled cheese

A word to the wise? Don't wait for TikTok to vindicate the man in 2025. Gordon Ramsay's grilled cheese tip is both too delicious and too easy to achieve to save for another two years. When we asked the chef (or should we call him the grilled cheese whisperer?) how to elevate the sandwich with only the most basic ingredients — say, from the basement of Ramsay's newest competition, "Next Level Chef" — Ramsay had one suggestion. "I'd get some beautiful onions ... caramelize them [and] deglaze them in a touch of sherry vinegar," he told Tasting Table. That's it. You're done — no Michelin-worthy training necessary.

Ramsay recommends pairing your caramelized onions with "the most amazing mature cheddar." Last, but certainly not least, if you're worried about your cheese melting properly, don't use slices of cheddar. Finely grate the cheese, says Ramsay. That way, when you're in dire straits — as basement contestants are in "Next Level Chef" — even a panini press will do.

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