Roast Cod On A Bed Of Potatoes For An Elegant Presentation

Cod and potatoes are a match made by the culinary gods. Whether the two ingredients simmer side by side in a rich stew or are fried in a classic fish and chips, there's never a wrong way to cook up spuds and seafood. That said, we tend to be partial to roasting the duo because, well, it makes everything taste better. Adding caramelization and complexity is a way to make sure that the roasted entrée turns out especially aesthetic and not just delicious, and the secret lies within how you prep and arrange your ingredients. 

Since we eat with our eyes first, a well-presented dish can excite diners and make mouths water. While you might not know where to start, achieving an Instagrammable, borderline restaurant-quality dish is all about thinking outside of the box. Playing with technique and texture, jazzing up a boring roasted filet is as straightforward as serving it on top of potatoes that have been prepared in an effortlessly chic way — preferably, shingled.

Shingled potatoes create a wow factor

Elevating a dish doesn't always require adding fancy ingredients. When it comes to taking roasted cod and potatoes to the next level, it's not about complicating flavor, but rather reimagining your technique. Instead of just chopping spuds into chunks, draw inspiration from the French layered potato dish, Pommes Anna

On a baking sheet, arrange thinly sliced potatoes that have been seasoned with melted butter and herbs into shingled rectangles and roast. Once the spuds start crisping up, add a thick filet of cod (skin-side down) to the potato beds and top with more fresh herbs, a slice of lemon, and an extra pat of butter for good measure. When the fish is tender and the potatoes have turned golden, take extra care as you remove the entrée from the sheet pan during plating. Violà, an elegant dinner is served.

A masterpiece made with minimal ingredients, this dish is the ultimate balance of flavor and texture as the decadently buttery and crisp potatoes contrast the flaky, citrus-kissed cod. Well worth the few extra minutes of prep work, gorgeous presentation renders this dish all the more impressive. Give this recipe a whirl the next time you invite dinner guests on a whim and you'll understand why this roast is a winner.