Martha Stewart's Favorite Vodka Brands To Drink With Company

Martha Stewart is well-known for her entertaining savoir-faire. The domestic goddess has been serving up some of our favorite tips and tricks for planning intimate dinner parties and perfect soirees since her meteoric rise in the culinary world in the 1970s. During a 2015 interview with Geoffrey Zakarian, via Food52, Stewart said she understands the nuances of serving shrimp as an appetizer. It needs to be passed around if you want to make certain everyone gets a few. She also advocates for serving guests two to three cocktails to get the party started. So what's on Stewart's go-to cocktail menu?

While the celebrity lifestyle guru is a fan of the Brazilian Caipirinha, which is a mixture of limes, sugar, and cachaça, Stewart isn't afraid to explore her adventurous side. For Thanksgiving, she gets creative and serves up her favorite Apple Cider Bourbon Sour; When she found herself quarantining along with the rest of the world, she famously whipped up her Martharita. And just last year, the media mogul was touting the launch of her own wine label, Martha's Chard, joining the 19 Crimes vino family. 

Stewart's taste in alcohol is pretty eclectic; However, when it comes to her favorite vodka, she definitely has preferences.

Stewart favors Polish vodka

Stewart revealed when it comes to drinking vodka, there are two brands that wind up in her freezer ready to go whenever guests are over, and surprisingly, they are not Grey Goose or Absolut. Perhaps in a nod to her Polish heritage, which Stewart mentioned in her exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the billionaire businesswoman shared when it comes to this spirit, she is a fan of vodka with roots in Poland. Stewart vacillates between two different brands, as she shared with Food & Wine: Belvedere and Zubrowka. 

Zubrowka is best described as a vodka made with Bison grass. In fact, each bottle contains a single blade of the greenery. It's flavor may have your taste buds feeling a subtle taste of vanilla, cinnamon, and anise. Belvedere vodka is made with rye. It too has some sweet, nutty, and grassy notes to it, but it brings a little spice to the palate. It works perfectly with citrus elements, which may influence how Stewart serves it. 

When Stewart offers her guests a vodka cocktail, she usually mixes it with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice and lime over ice, per Food & Wine.