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15 Best Tasting Vodkas To Drink In 2022
Grey Goose
Grey Goose Vodka has a lovely, clean, bright taste with no lingering bite on the end, making it the darling of bartenders and drink connoisseurs all over the world. Thanks to its gentle mouthfeel and easy endnote, it's also an excellent tasting and sipping vodka.
Hangar 1
This funky and fun distillery specializes in premium non-flavored vodkas and unique, sophisticated offerings, and if you prefer your vodka mixed rather than straight or on the rocks, Hangar 1 pairs perfectly with rich herbal drinks or light fruit cocktails.
Beluga Noble
Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is a natural product made of malt spirit and freshwaters, offering a nice clean finish that pairs perfectly with your favorite cocktail or works well all on its own. The brand’s premier bottle, Beluga Epicure, is the last word in taste and style, presented in a unique, handsome decanter.
Square One
Square One Organic is full of tantalizing flavors like chamomile, rosemary, and pear, resulting in a delicately flavored spirit that works well in mixed drinks. Since every bottle has tons of clean, garden-quality flavors, this one is a great sipping option.
Ketel One
Ketel One Vodka is a fantastic choice for those who want a soft, light-tasting vodka that still has the right amount of crispness and heart. Classic Ketel One Vodka is exceptionally tasty all on its own but also great with just the slightest hint of citrus.