The Reason Bacon-Wrapped Potatoes Make For An Easy Appetizer

Is there any food on earth that isn't made significantly more delicious by the presence of crispy bacon? We're inclined to say no. Plain ol' quiche, for example, is quite delectable, but porky quiche Lorraine is downright irresistible. Sweet potato casserole is pretty tasty in its own right but becomes a complete meal with the addition of some bacon. Even a rainbow chard salad benefits from a hit of the fatty, piggy goodness.

Our pervasive love of bacon is quite often reflected in a whole genre of bacon-wrapped party snacks, which are often the first to fly off platters at fêtes. From bacon-wrapped dates to bacon-wrapped shrimp, these festive appetizers are worthy options for any gathering, tempting with the promise of meaty pork and its crispy, shattering fat. What's another bacon-enveloped item we feel should be added to the menu of every cocktail hour? Why, it's bacon-wrapped potatoes, of course.

New potatoes and bacon cook at the same rate, making for a no-fuss appetizer

It's hard to go wrong with wrapping pretty much any food in bacon, the item in question — whether it's dried fruit or seafood or tender vegetables — literally bathing in porky bacon fat as the appetizer cooks. And when it comes to bacon-wrapped new potatoes, the spuds are certainly no exception.

Tiny, round new potatoes (sometimes called baby potatoes) will cook through in the oven at exactly the same rate as a slice of bacon, meaning there's no need to parcook anything in this simple formula for a sure-to-please party appetizer. That's not the case for some bacon-wrapped apps, which will have you parcooking either the wrapped item or the bacon itself. Therefore, bacon-wrapped potatoes can make a quick and easy party appetizer for when you'd rather spend your time, you know, actually socializing with your friends.

Try tossing the new potatoes in a flavorful oil-and-dried spices mixture, then wrap each one in a half-strip of bacon. After about an hour in a 375-degree Fahrenheit oven, each potato will be tender and steamy inside, boasting a crispy, irresistible outer jacket of bacon.